Parents Rights at APS Targeted by Out-of-State Interests

Progressives are, once again, targeting parental rights in the education system. Tonight, Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) will hear from a barrage of progressive activists who want to see parental rights trampled under the banner of protecting the rights of disadvantaged or LGBTQ students. They are opposing APS’s proposed Parent Rights and Responsibilities Policy. The truth is, informing parents keeps everyone safe and that if the student is in danger from parents, it needs to come to light, not be hidden. A form letter sent to APS board members is being promoted by organizations that aren’t even centered in New Mexico. GLSEN, is a national organization organizing nationwide for decades that focuses on LGBTQ rights, and in this case, they’re going toe to to with parents. But don’t take my word for it, check out the google drive with resources here. Contact them here and ask them why they are hiding behind anonymity.

Local organizations attacking parental rights include an organization of UNM students that by a couple of names, and is supported by numerous activists including Albuquerque Mutual Aid, an organization that is a branch off of the now-defunct Albuquerque Fight for Our Lives that is essentially Albuquerque’s Antifa.

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