Violent Upheaval? NM Antifa Orgs Make Post-Election Plans

Update: Shortly after publishing this article I watched a video showing how individuals had uncovered a plot to protest and spread chaos throughout the nation in the event of a close election. It serves to underscore our concerns and we urge Patriots to remain watchful and stay safe in the coming days.

The organizations claim they’re just involved in caring for the community, but there seems to be more to what’s going on. In Instagram story posts, Generation Justice, a KUNM youth project funded by the University of New Mexico encourages followers to be prepared for a “coup” under Trump, with a variety of scenarios, declaring that if elections are close, Trump says he’s the winner when “all votes haven’t been counted” or in other instances, the organization has urged that youth will need to take to the streets. The Generation Justice, touts a lineup of well-known advisors and board members including senators Linda Lopez and Ortiz y Piño. We wonder, do these elected officials condone these protests? Are they urging and prepared to back up the violence?

This information is put out by Hold the Line. Read the organization’s handbook here on organizing & protesting after the election.

Generation Justice claims they will take to the streets to protest “peacefully,” but can we really count on the behavior to be peaceful when they’re working with what they declare to be a “long time family member” organization Fight for Our Lives, chaired by Jonathan Alonzo Juarez, who recently went to Portland, Oregon where he and his core team dressed, posed and presumably trained with Antifa? I’ve documented in the past that his special operations manager Zoey (dressed in all black, carrying pepper spray and wearing combat boots) was at the Albuquerque Civic Plaza protest where an older man carrying a U.S. flag was assaulted and violently thrown to the ground by a BLM activist. While Fight for Our Lives has been flying under the radar more than they were this past spring, they have been active under the guise of charity using their new organization branch, Albuquerque Mutual Aid.

Instagram story posts from Generation Justice &Fight for Our Lives/Albuquerque Mutual Aid encourage followers to stock up and hunker down. For what purpose?
Albuquerque Mutual Aid finishes up their posting frenzy with a phrase that says, “We neither forgive nor forget.” That sounds angry, vindictive and dangerous.

In pictures we obtained, Albuquerque Fight for Our Lives members, including Jonathan Juarez and special operations director Zoey Craft, attended protests in Portland, Oregon, where pictures show them dressed for Antifa training. They were there for days before heading back to New Mexico. After returning to Albuquerque, the group was out protesting and blocking off county roads heading to the county prison almost immediately.

Combat Boot Zoey, Albuquerque Antifa rising star? (Photos from an Albuquerque Civic Plaza protest Zoey attended in an attempt to intimidate Patriots.)
Albuquerque’s Antifa joined efforts in Portland where violence has continued for months as looters destroy millions of dollars in property owned by and employing thousands of minorities.
The Albuquerque Antifa Fight for our Lives organization stopped traffic on a highway in Bernalillo County near a county detention center less than 14 days after posting about visiting Portland.

They didn’t even bother to observe Governor Grisham’s quarantine orders. Their hypocrisy is outrageous. In response to those of us who called them out, the Antifa-trained college kids put out an announcement stating they would be suspending all in-person activities (with standard hypocritical behavior, they continue to shop and bag up charity items to share in the community, though).

How can you claim to be non-violent while taking part in rioting and destroying public and private property (in Portland)?

Perhaps we will find out what else they’ve been up to this evening when the presidential election again takes the spotlight— will they burn and loot in anger at the results of a Trump win? Or will they take their Antifa costumes out and seek retribution against political opponents in the case of a Biden Victory? Either way, stay safe, Patriots!

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