Vote Early, Bring a Friend

I voted! YOU SHOULD, TOO!! And you should vote EARLY!

Mom & I were the first voters to early vote last week on Tuesday, October 10. At the bottom I share WHO I voted for!

Join me in voting early!! You can vote today, or Monday through Friday each full week between now and November 8th from 8-5 at the county clerk’s office in Grant County (or at a polling place open in any NM county).

I like to vote early and this is the third time, at least, I’ve been the first or second voter during early voting in Grant County. Not only does it get voting out of the way, you will be taken off lists of people who need to vote so conservative candidates won’t spend as much money trying to get you to vote (so they can reach out to other people!).

I was the first early voter in Grant County!

Congress (CD2) Yvette Herrell

Governor Mark Ronchetti, Lt. Gov. Ant Thorton (ticket)

Sec. of State, Mayna Meyers (Libertarian)

Treasurer, Harry Montoya

Land Commissioner, Jefferson L. Byrd

State Representative, Luis Terrazas

Supreme Court Position 1, Thomas Montoya

Supreme Court Position 2, Kerry Morris

Court of Appeals Position 1, Barbara Johnson

Court of Appeals Position 2, Gertrude Lee

Public Education Commissioner, Stewart Ingham


NO on all bonds!

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