“They shut us down!” Grants Mayor Demands Legislators Fight Mandates

What a passionate speech! Tuesday, the New Mexico legislature’s Military & Veterans Affairs Committee (interim) met in Grants, New Mexico at an NMSU campus site. Grants Mayor Modey Hicks stood up for his city and New Mexicans speaking out against overreach that is hurting so many New Mexicans, “You look around this town and you see it going down,” began Hicks. As legislators walked out, Hicks called them out, “You say this isn’t political? Why are [legislators] walking out?”

Mayor Hicks went on to discuss the fact that many emergency workers, state prison workers and hospital workers are being fired and quitting their jobs because of vaccine mandates.

“This is a fact; the mask mandates, the vaccines are killing our state. This Governor is killing our state! She’s turning us into a part of a Socialist nation and every one of you veterans should be up there stopping this crap!”

It’s true. And It’s a good thing somebody is calling out Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and the ridiculous draconian rules killing individuals in our state.

One thought on ““They shut us down!” Grants Mayor Demands Legislators Fight Mandates

  1. You follow these mandates because you think they will stop, but iit is because you follow them that they will never stop. No more, enough is enough.


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