Eddy Aragon Fan Blog run by “former” Progressive Working as “Private Investigator” and “Security Officer”

Eddy Aragon is one of the sneakiest, deceitful individuals in New Mexico, and if you’re truly a Republican, you shouldn’t be supporting him for mayor of Albuquerque, or anything else. Research we have done into those closely associated with his campaign, show he’s made a sneaky move to get his friends to create their own media channels, knowing that most conservatives and the established center-right activists and leaders would not support him for long.

Eddy did this in the form of The Conservative New Mexican, a blog run by self-declared “former” progressive. Nicholas “Nick” Wilbur works for ADC LTD, NM a company that claims to be, “The Leader in Personal and Physical Security,” where he is supposedly a personnel security investigative division director or a case management supervisor for security and investigations. Is he licensed? Not that we found. Interestingly, Nick’s wife, Nikki also works for the ADT LTD. We wonder, does the ATD LTD business approve of this blog and the harassment of individuals that Nick has been part of? Remember how Eddy is obsessed with his “security team?” Is this part of what he’s talking about?

To add to the sketchiness of a private investigator/security officer running a sneaky blog to support Eddy Aragon, Wilbur also runs a blog where he writes about “fitness” and makes it clear he believes that true masculinity is nothing short of male chauvinism and sexism— at one point he writes, “men should not fold laundry,” and goes on to say that, “If your old lady has no hands, fold that laundry bro.” Wilbur’s blog is filled with comments that demean women and call for readers to be “tough” while mocking others with disabilities or health challenges.

To add to his strangeness, Nicholas Wilbur also wrote weird blogposts where— just like Eddy— he proves to be a parody of himself, stating that the most effective form of political activism today is to demean one’s political opponents. Was Wilbur truly writing satire? Well, anybody reading his blog or twitter feed sees that he does mock people about 80% of the time, so…if his post is a parody of anybody, it is of himself (just like Eddy, as promised!).

All this proves that Eddy has done a good job of propping up a network and bringing in a number of legitimate-looking activists who are helping him keep his campaign rolling. He’s also done a good job of bringing in the support of progressive “Republican” supporters like Dinah Vargas (the anti-police activist who trained with Antifa/Anonymous) and other progressives.

Dinah Vargas, host of “Off the Cuff” co-sponsored an event promoting Eddy Aragon.

Conservatives should be watch out for Eddy Aragon and his supporter Nicholas “Nick” Wilbur.

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