Vaccine Religious Exemption Information

After hearing from dozens of individuals who are concerned about employers, schools, medical providers, airlines and businesses forcing them to take the Covid-19 vaccination, I’m sharing some information that was shared with me. It comes from Harry Mihet, the Vice President of legal affairs & chief litigation counsel at Liberty Counsel, a Christian legal defense fund. Because the information is so lengthy, I’ve posted the beginning of his series of Mr. Mihet’s Facebook posts and linked to the full information. I may later add PDFs of his posts, but for now, this should be helpful. If you want to get all the information (i.e. use it for your individual situation), you’ll need to follow the links I’ve listed at the end of each section.

I’ve also hyperlinked another resource shared with me to provide to employers or schools. Individuals, whether Christian or of another religious persuasion, shouldn’t be forced to choose between their religious beliefs and a job or education. Doing so would violate the U.S. First Amendment to the Constitution and the foundation of our nation.

This information is provided as a courtesy to others who might need them. I can’t guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness for your situation, but it should provide you with options and information to explore. Liberty Counsel has more info on their website.


Employer & School Disclosure Forms for Covid-19 Injections

From Harry Mihet:


“Your job or your conscience. Your education or your convictions.” 

Your employer or school has given you an unconscionable “choice” that no free American should ever be forced to make. Keep your job or education, or accept an abortion-derived vaccine that profoundly violates your God-given conscience and your deep religious convictions.


Vaccine mandates do not catch God by surprise. He knew they were coming. He is on the throne and in control. The same God that gave you the conscience to refuse vaccines made from or with fetal cell lines from aborted children WILL make a way for you to maintain your conscience clear before Him.

It won’t necessarily be easy. It may be hard. Really hard. But He WILL make a way, even where there seems to be no way.

The GOOD NEWS is that the Constitution and the Law are still on your side. We are seeing an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of religious exemption requests granted for those who make proper requests. THERE IS HOPE!

The BAD NEWS is that my inbox has exploded, and my phone rings every other minute. I cannot possibly continue to answer individual questions about the exemption process PRIOR to a denial.

So, instead, I will publish a series of articles starting on Monday, every morning of next week, designed to teach you how to make a proper and strong religious exemption request that will put you in the strongest possible legal position.

I will share the proof that all three vaccines have their genesis in abortion. I will provide sample language and legal memos that you can use to model your own religious exemption requests (which are already on #LibertyCounsel ‘s website). I will help you rebut arguments that your employers might make to throw you off.

I will try to do this in plain English. You won’t need a college degree to follow along, or to implement these directions.

So, if you’re faced with an unconscionable mandate to violate your conscience in order to keep your job or your education, here is your 6-point action plan:

1. Trust God, Pray, and Do Not Despair.

2. Do not quit your job or leave your school. Stand your ground.

3. Wait a week or so to turn in your religious exemption request (unless your employer or school is imposing an earlier deadline).

4. Watch this page for a daily article on religious exemptions, starting on Monday morning.

5. Use the information you learn to submit a strong religious exemption request to your employer or school.

6. If you do all the above and you are part of the minority whose religious exemption request is DENIED, then call #LibertyCounsel. We will do our best to help as many as we can.

YOU CAN DO THIS. GOD is with you. Trust in Him. He will see you through! [Full content reposted. Read original here.]


Although there are some exceptions, generally speaking employers and schools are prohibited by federal and state laws from discriminating against employees or students on the basis of religion. This means that employers and schools are generally legally obligated to provide reasonable accommodations for employees and students whose sincerely held religious beliefs prohibit them from complying with a rule or directive, unless the employer or school cannot provide any such accommodation without undue burden.

Employers and schools are already providing reasonable accommodations for employees and students with MEDICAL exemptions, such as allowing them to continue to implement the same safety precautions that were argued to be effective before vaccines were available (social distancing, masking indoors, testing, self-certification of symptoms, etc.).

Thus, employers and schools will be hard pressed to say that they cannot also accommodate those with sincere religious beliefs against abortion-derived vaccines. They MUST consider religious exemption requests, and grant them when properly made. [READ MORE HERE]


[This article is part of a daily, weeklong series. You may want to start at the beginning, with PART 1, and follow along until the series is complete, on or about August 16).

To make a proper and strong request for a religious exemption to the COVID vaccine, you MUST follow the procedure established by YOUR employer or school. There is NOT a universal “form” or “exemption paper” or request that #LibertyCounsel or anyone else can give you or make for you. (I get asked for this ALL. THE. TIME.) 

We can provide information, samples and ideas to assist you, but you will need to determine what procedure your employer or school has, and comply with it. 

Because religious beliefs are PERSONAL (see yesterday’s PART 2), the process for requesting an exemption must also be PERSONAL.

Whatever you do, ***DO NOT SIMPLY COPY AND PASTE*** anything that I will share here, or that you get from Liberty Counsel, from a colleague, or from the Internet. If you turn in exactly the same (or just about the same) request that another person did, or that can be found on a Google search, your request WILL be denied as INSINCERE (see yesterday’s PART 2).

Instead, use the information you learn here, and the samples that Liberty Counsel has (that I will provide in this series), ONLY AS A GUIDE, to help you put YOUR OWN REQUEST IN YOUR OWN WORDS. This is probably one of the most important pieces of advice that I can give you. If you don’t follow this advice, you probably are wasting your time.

So here are the FIVE STEPS you can take in the PERSONAL religious exemption process. [READ MORE HERE]


[This article is part of a daily, weeklong series. You may want to start at the beginning, with PART 1, and follow along until the series is complete, on or about August 16.]

The facts are indisputable: Each of the three covid vaccines was either DEVELOPED from, or TESTED on, fetal cell lines from aborted babies. (NOTE, I did *NOT* say “CONTAINS fetal cells,” and neither should you – more on this later.)

These are direct quotes from government publications:

“Johnson & Johnson did require the use of fetal cell cultures, specifically PER.C6, in order to produce and manufacture the vaccine.”

For the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, “Early in the development of mRNA vaccine technology, fetal cells were used for ‘proof of concept’ (to demonstrate how a cell could take up mRNA and produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein) or to characterize the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. … A cell line was used to test the efficacy of both vaccines.” [READ MORE HERE]


[This article is part of a daily, weeklong series. You may want to start at the beginning, with PART 1, and follow along until the series is complete, on or about August 16.]

A small number of states, like Illinois, have laws that protect vaccine objections based on conscience alone. In most other places, a vaccine objection MUST be grounded in SINCERE religious belief to be protected by law. (See PART 2).

Before we look at the Biblical case against abortion-derived vaccines, I’ll make the following FOUR observations. [READ MORE HERE]


This post illustrates how to put together the information covered in PARTS 1 – 5 of this series, into YOUR own, individual, UNIQUE personal statement for your religious exemption request. 

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE (or make only small changes to) the sample language you see here, or anywhere else — it will very likely lead to the DENIAL of your exemption request. INSTEAD, use the information in this entire series as a GUIDE to write your OWN, UNIQUE personal statement. (See PART 3 for a more detailed admonition).

I will first identify FIVE THINGS that your personal statement should contain. Then I will list FOUR DO’s, and FOUR DONT’s for your personal statement. Finally, I will provide TWO samples. [READ MORE HERE]


[This article is part of a daily, weeklong series. You may want to start at the beginning, with PART 1, and follow along until the series is complete, on or about Monday, August 16.]

Some employers or schools *ATTEMPT* to REQUIRE you to provide a letter from a pastor, religious leader or church, stating that YOUR religious beliefs against covid vaccines are part of the “tenets” or “doctrine” of a “recognized” or “established” church, or some other such nonsense.

This is an ILLEGAL attempt to discourage you from seeking a religious exemption, or to make it as hard as possible for you to request one. As explained in PART 2, YOUR religious beliefs are *YOUR* beliefs, and the law protects your right to believe what you believe regardless of whether a “recognized” or “established” church agrees with you. In fact, if you SINCERELY believe what you believe, the law entitles you to a reasonable accommodation for your beliefs, even if you are the only and last person on Earth that believes what you believe.

The ONLY thing that an employer or school may legally inquire into is the SINCERITY of your beliefs (that is, whether *YOU* actually believe what you say, or you’re just making it up). 

Employers and schools CANNOT legally inquire into the “correctness” or “popularity” or “validity” of your beliefs. When they try to REQUIRE you to provide a clergy or church letter, that is EXACTLY what they are doing — asking you to prove that your beliefs are a “CORRECT” or “ACCEPTABLE” interpretation of Scripture, such that a church agrees with you. This is illegal.

*** IF an employer or school exemption form attempts to *REQUIRE* you to provide a clergy or church support letter, take these THREE STEPS. [READ MORE HERE.]


[This is the last of 8 articles on religious exemptions. You may want to start at the beginning, with PART 1.]

After you submit your religious exemption request to your school or employer, usually one of two things will happen:

1) If your exemption is GRANTED, praise the Lord and:

a) write us a note at #LibertyCounsel so we can rejoice with you; 

b) comply with the conditions or “accommodations” that your employer or school requires instead of the vaccine; and

c) ask your school or employer if you need to “renew” or “reapply” after a certain amount of time, such as one year, and be sure to meet those requirements.

NOTE:  If you believe that the conditions or “accommodations” that your employer or school requires instead of the vaccine are discriminatory or punitive or unnecessary, etc.:

–> comply with them anyways, for the time being;

–> keep good written records of how much time and money these alternatives are costing you; and

–> keep good written records of any instances of ostracism, ridicule, hostility, etc. that you face by being identified as a non-vaccinated employee or student (such as by wearing a mask, or a badge, etc.).

*** Our priority currently is to help those whose exemptions are denied outright, and who are not given any other choice. However, in the future we hope to be able to also address and potentially litigate discriminatory conditions or “accommodations.” Well-kept records will assist us or other attorneys to determine if you have been the victim of illegal discrimination or a hostile work (or school) environment.

2) If your exemption is DENIED, do not lose hope and:

a) DO NOT QUIT OR RESIGN!!!  If you quit or resign, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits, and you will have a much more difficult time seeking legal redress.

–> If your employer asks for your resignation, politely refuse and tell them IN WRITING that you have no intention to resign, but you do intend to seek legal help for discrimination.

–> If your employer says that if you don’t vaccinate you will be “considered to resign,” or “deemed to resign,” politely tell them IN WRITING that you have no intention to resign,, but you do intend to seek legal help for discrimination.

b) If your employer or school gives you a DENIAL without any reason or explanation, ask IN WRITING what the reason (or reasons) were for your denial. They will likely decline to tell you, but that may be of help to you later on.

c) Review your employer’s or school’s policy on appealing a denial. If you can’t find an appeal procedure or policy, ask your employer or school about it.

d) If an appeal is allowed, file one ON TIME. If your employer or school told you why your exemption request was denied, try to address their reasons as best you can. Otherwise, amplify your beliefs and concerns from your prior submission and ask for an exemption again.

e) If an appeal is not allowed, or if your appeal is denied, contact Liberty Counsel, and send us:

–> your employer’s or school’s policy mandating vaccination;

–> your religious exemption request;

–> your denial;

–> any appeal documents; and

–> any other related documents or communications on this subject.

We will review your materials and circumstances and determine whether legal action is possible or feasible, and whether we can take you as a client and pursue your case.

I trust that the information in this series has been of benefit and encouragement to you! You CAN do this.

All of Liberty Counsel’s services are free, so please consider a donation to this donor-funded, non-profit ministry so we can educate and help as many people as possible in these difficult times.

If you have read all 8 parts and have a question THAT IS NOT ALREADY ANSWERED in this series, you can try to send it to me by private message, and I may do a future Q & A post to address the most popular questions. [READ ENTIRE PIECE HERE.]

2 thoughts on “Vaccine Religious Exemption Information

  1. Thank you for this information, it is detailed yet concise. My concern is that soon it will be removed from Facebook as they are operating in lock step with the vaccine pushers. Is there a way to include all the text here so that others can find it, should it be removed from Facebook?


  2. My main objection to these gene therapy jabs are the fact that my government thinks they get to make a health decision for me. I will not submit to the government regarding my personal health choices. I wouldn’t mention the aborted fetal cells in my religious exemption because Novavax is coming out with a vax that used moth cells rather than aborted fetal cells. It will be difficult to defend our position if that one is forced on us. Also the experimental classification is going away. Biden says Pfizer FDA approved now but Comirnaty is approved & no one has that one yet (even though same ingredients as Pfizer).


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