Antifa-Connected Journalist’s Relationship goes Through the Meat Grinder

ALBUQUERQUE: On June 14, 2021, Albuquerque Police were called to the residence of Andrew Gunn, a local journalist who has been critical of police work in reference to a domestic incident.

When officers arrived they interviewed the victim and Gunn. Gunn had imprisoned and assaulted his domestic partner after coming home and demanding to know what she, “does with other men.” 

The severity of the incident gave officers probable cause for the charges– a felony domestic violence charge of false imprisonment, in addition to domestic battery after officers learned Gunn had imprisoned his partner and even threatened to “put her head in a meat grinder.”

Andrew Gunn has been a journalist and social change activist who has spent a lot of time writing about his dislike for police, New Mexico culture and New Mexico’s mixed race history. In his frequent tweets, Gunn regularly berates police, says to “abolish the f*cking police” and even compared correctional law enforcement to individuals who facilitated the holocaust. Last December he stated, “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but the police are not your friends.” Even today he posted on Twitter, “Here we go again. Abolish the police. This is a public health crisis.”

The criminal complaint filed in Albuquerque Metro Court goes on to say that Gunn, physically “physically sat on” his girlfriend to restrain her and held her wrists for over an hour. The woman tried to get Andrew to stop and leave her alone. She told police she asked Gunn to let her go “hundreds of times” over the course of an hour while the TV ran through two TV shows. Eventually, both Gunn’s partner, and then Gunn, called the police, who arrived and were told by the battered domestic partner that Gunn had left the home and was somewhere in the neighborhood.

Gunn has written for the Daily Lobo and Albuquerque Journal. He is a progressive journalist that uses his skills to spread ANTIFA propaganda and idealogy.

Police on the scene arrested Gunn, who initially refused to talk to police about the incident. However, once he was in the police car, Gunn began talking and told police he did not lay hands on his girlfriend and that he had called the police because his girlfriend didn’t feel safe. From their joint residence, APD took Gunn to Metro Detention Center (MDC) on June 14th where jail guards strip-searched him.

After one night in the the MDC holding cell, Gunn was released from jail on conditions:

  • Release on Personal Recognizance
  • Maintain contact with attorney/seek & consult with attorney
  • To avoid all contact with victim or anyone who may testify
  • Not to possess firearms or dangerous weapons
  • Not to violate any federal, state, or local criminal law
  • Not to Possess or Consume Alcohol or Enter Liquor Establishment
  • Not to Return to Location of Alleged Incident
  • To notify the court of any change of address
  • To appear at all Court settings, unless approved Waiver
  • Not buy, sell, consume, or possess illegal drugs.

In response to comments as we gathered more information on the Andrew Gunn incident and saw how serious it was, Antifa troll @BonnotGalaxy messaged me privately, stating, “I know what you’re threatening to do. My advice- don’t f*cking do it. Only warning Rebekah,” when I asked if they intended to stop attacking me, they stated, “If you thought we dug into you, that was an afternoon on the couch. Don’t mess with Andrew. Spicey ain’t Marisa.” After continued threats to further dox me and who they believe my family is.

Antifa Twitter user BonnotGalaxy promises to “handle Andrew internally.” What does that mean? Share your thoughts on the comments.

“This ain’t Twitter Rebekah this is real life. Andrew will be handled internally.” And then the account stated again, “A kid barely out of college isn’t worth this. We’re handling him internally. Last chance. We’re all watching and actively chatting,” and, “Hope you got a national network like we do dude.”

As much as I dislike the trolling and attacks, what concerns me just as much is the “internal justice” of the Antifa network? What kind of judgement and punishment is in store for Andrew Gunn coming from the Antifa network?

Regardless of Antifa backlash, Gunn’s preliminary hearing will be held August 2, 2021.

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