NM Covid-19 Update: Restrictions Likely Until “Vaccine is Created” + Churches Under Attack

SANTA FE: Today Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham will address the state and issue orders for how the state will deal with COVID-19 going forward. We are pretty sure she will continue to crack down on small businesses and keep a tight reign on churches and larger gatherings as she continues to prohibit larger gatherings in public places and her snitch line continues to be used and abused by individuals to shut down political enemies and business competitors. When will Grisham’s trampling of our rights end?

Speaking to restaurant employees this week, they were hopeful that restaurants will soon reopen and people will be able to eat in a sit down restaurant in the near future. Restaurant employees I’ve spoken to have said the information they’ve receives details how the state tells them to discriminate against large families because only four people are allowed to be seated at a table and families are not allowed to move tables together to eat. This shows how Governor Grisham intends to continue her out-of-touch policies that discriminate against large families, and especially families with many young children. Clearly, she has no clue about how may New Mexican families live. Other new restrictions lifted include changes for the medical field. However, there is also a little bit of good news. Individuals can now receive needed health treatments such as dental and eye care, which were not previously deemed necessary, except in extreme emergencies.

Mandatory Immunization before Return to Normal? But first comes Mandatory Testing?

In an email I received from my university yesterday, Western New Mexico University president Joe Shepard cancelled the summer commencement ceremony spring semester graduates had been invited to combine with, explaining, “[I]t is very likely that mass gatherings of that size will not be allowed until a vaccine is created for COVID-19.”

Shepard appears to be saying that until there is a vaccine, and people receive it, there will be no large gatherings? The big problem is that this basically means there will be zero gatherings of more than a hundred for the foreseeable future, likely well into 2021. Most credible articles report that a vaccine will be at least one year away, possibly as far away as a year and a half.  Is this state-funded university and its president saying we might be living under this lock-down for more than a year? Yet even then, why does that influence large gatherings? And why is a vaccine necessary before large gatherings may be held? Is flattening the curve not enough?

It’s for the reader to decide, however, Governor Grisham, again released more comments yesterday via Facebook where she declared that everyone working with the public should be tested for COVID19. What is this to mean? She’s been making more and more ridiculous demands, such as the demand that everyone working wear masks in the first place. At what point will people say enough is enough and stand up to the government overreach?

New Mexico: If you’re currently working, we want you to get tested for #COVID19.

Grocery and pharmacy employees, retail workers, utility employees, service industry workers, government employees – if you’re a worker, you can and should get tested, whether or not you’re symptomatic.

Why does she need the public tested? Even the public in areas that are not impacted or heavily impacted by COVID-19? Is it a care for New Mexicans, or a power grab? These are the questions that should be asked.

At what point will New Mexicans say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and reopen on their own?

To join the effort to Reopen New Mexico, check out my Facebook group HERE where we coordinate events and work to reopen New Mexico with action that goes beyond social media and beyond the shallowness of keyboard warriors.

But that’s not all…

Crackdown on Churches and Pastors + Churches asked to give state their schedules?

One doesn’t need to be religious to realize an assault on Faith is about the worst because it attacks our very basic right to assemble and worship as we please. Many following COVID-19 in New Mexico are familiar with Pastor Caleb Cooper and the viral video from this past Sunday. Pastor Cooper was issued a cease and desist by New Mexico State Police Sunday while his family enjoyed Mother’s Day Dinner. The pastor had held in-person services the previous Sunday, which were not in accordance with Governor Grisham’s demand that churches close their doors.

In another case, Roswell Pastor Jason Perry warned other pastors and gave details of a call from Governor Grisham’s office. According to Perry’s Facebook post, Grisham’s office had called Perry’s church office and asked for a details on his church’s summer schedule. His secretary didn’t give the office details, but when Perry returned the call from Governor Grisham’s office he was shocked to discover that they were asking for details on his church’s plans and it wasn’t a prank call as he had originally suspected.

Why is separation of church and state only important to Governor Grisham when it keeps the church out of the state, but it is not important when it keeps the state out of the church? Will she refuse to honor the federal exception for church mass gatherings?

And again: To join the effort to Reopen New Mexico, check out my Facebook group HERE where we coordinate events and work to reopen New Mexico with action that goes beyond social media and beyond the shallowness of keyboard warriors.

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