CAUGHT: Fake News Blogger John Block Changes Blog Name to Hide Dem Connection

After last week’s story, we dug even deeper into the history of New Mexico “conservative” con artist blogger John Block who has, according to our evidence, been working for U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez as recently as February. Who really is this John Block guy? He comes from deep Democrat roots and is the cousin of former Democrat PRC Commissioner Jerome Block, who was sentenced after pleading guilty to fraudulent use of a state-issued credit card, embezzlement and election law violations. John Block’s uncle has also been in and out of jail for drug use and breaking the terms of his probation. In John’s case, maybe the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree?

We have also documented that not only did John Block intern for Senator Martin Heinrich, which brought him to Washington D.C., where he now resides (we believe), but before that he helped elect Albuquerque’s progressive Mayor Tim Keller, working in the campaign office for Keller. Wouldn’t Republican mayoral candidate Dan Lewis liked to have his support? Most Republicans we know in Albuquerque (including our editor), pulled together to volunteer for and support Lewis when he needed it most as he went up against Albuquerque’s progressive machine led by Tim Keller. Why did John Block support progressive Mayor Keller’s campaign?

Maybe its because of these embarrassing facts that fake news blogger John Block has now created a new blog called the “Pinon Post” to write his (paid?) gossip about New Mexico politics and keep his identity hidden. With Block’s support of Democrats, we’re not surprised he’s creating lies about honest Republicans running clean campaigns such as Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti while working for the non-profit of another primary candidate in the race, Elisa Martinez. Block continues to hide how he’s worked for Ms. Martinez, despite claiming to have “journalistic integrity.”

In the email below, Block brags about his “journalistic integrity.” How does he define that?

Last week we exposed how fake news blogger John Block has worked for U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez’s non-profit as recently as February. Interestingly enough, while John has attacked conservative bloggers he has also gone so far as to tout his “journalistic integrity” in a nasty email he claims he sent, but also posted on Facebook. Meanwhile, he has refused to disclose his own connection and employment by the non-profit run by U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez. We’re not sure where John gets his ideas of ethics– perhaps from cousin Jerome? But we do know it wasn’t from the AP Guidebook which advises journalists to be careful about conflicts of interest.

Disclaimer: Unlike John Block and his multiple blogs and shrouded identity, we’re disclosing our campaign connections. This website’s editor Rebekah Stevens has also worked for Elisa Martinez’ organization on a sporadic contract basis from 2015 to spring of 2019. Rebekah has also volunteered for senate candidate Mark Ronchetti, knows Gavin Clarkson and four years ago worked and volunteered under campaign staff of former Senate candidates Louie Sanchez and Mick Rich.

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