BREAKING:Lujan Grisham Backs Down after Discriminating Against Churches

Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward?

Yesterday afternoon on the eve of the institution of her most recent order that was supposed to be “less restrictive” and allow more “non-essential” businesses to operate, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has once again backed down and has been forced to cave on her original order. Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham faced quite a few angry citizens who have spoken up about the overreach of government during this order. Some of criticized and questioned the unequal treatment of churches which declared they could only operate at 10% occupancy, while “essential” businesses and retail were allowed to operate at the higher 25% capacity. Then came the modified final order yesterday. In her final draft order, Governor Grisham declared that places of worship can follow the same restrictions as retail businesses.

While we won’t discount the victory, the truth is that Governor Grisham is simply using the old Communist playbook. Look at how she cracked down on churches, then backs up a little when called out? She’s well aware of the discussions going around about how the discrimination against churches would lead to a good case in the courts. The obvious discrimination had many up in arms around New Mexico. Why would businesses be more essential than churches? So Governor Grisham backed down, not because she cared, but because she had no choice! This doesn’t mean we should relent. Instead we should become more persistent and vocal!!Are masks Constitutional? How are they discriminatory? Why are restaurants with a patio forced to stay closed when takeout pizza can be eaten in a park? And if restaurants with a patio are allowed to open, what about other restaurants? Why is dog-grooming a higher priority than haircuts for humans? The slippery slopes will go on and on.
The key to winning is fighting from all angles. Legal challenges. Phone calls. Emails. Written letters. Complaints to local officials. Visits from citizens. Peaceful protests of all kinds. Media contact. Social media.

The key is volume and passion.

Restaurants, salons and other “non-essential” businesses remain closed for customers and in store services, but the Governor has decided some small “non-essential” businesses may open up in limited capacities. Some have joked that it was “just call centers” that were allowed to go back to work. Other citizens have been threatening to rebel against the “mandatory” mask requirement, vowing that they will not shop at businesses requiring them to wear the masks. Will New Mexicans stand up? Clearly, doing so will be the key to reopening New Mexico. Do your part. If you want to stay in contact with the Reopen New Mexico movement, join us on Facebook here.


One thought on “BREAKING:Lujan Grisham Backs Down after Discriminating Against Churches

  1. Small businesses in New Mexico are suffering greatly! There is no reason for restaurants to remain closed or any other business for that matter. It is clearly discriminatory and cherry picking who survives and who doesn’t.
    Genora Canon


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