Santa Fe Reporter “Journalist” Promotes Message Making Light of Alexandria Shooting

Last week we shared a story about the Santa Fe Reporter’s recent hire, Aaron Cantù who has been indicted on multiple felony counts including rioting charges and inciting rioting, yet his new employer and editor Julie Ann Grimm said that the Santa Fe Reporter, has fully backed him in a statement, “We stand behind him and look forward to his continued good work in his new home in Santa Fe.”

What has Cantù been up to and what does this recent “good work” include?  

In light of yesterday’s shooting and violence, a hate crime specifically targeting Republican Congressional members– Cantù and his employer have been silent, except for a pathetic attempt to make light of the tragedy — a tragedy many are pointing out stems from hatred and vitriol directed at President Trump and Republicans by the media and activists like Cantù

Yesterday, Cantù retweeted a comment from the Twitter verified user @aintacrow, where the user made light of yesterday’s shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.  The message read:

“Politics leads to violence every day in this country. I wonder what bubble you’d have to live in to think otherwise.”

Note: Less than two dozen Senators and Congressmen have been killed or wounded in office in over two hundred years.  But it’s just “violence every day in this country.”  And by promoting this statement, Cantù helps this violent behavior to gain approval.

In the meantime, Cantù finds time to tweet as a progressive on other fronts, over the past week.  We observed that he locked down his Twitter account last week after our story, then he opened it again, and eventually changed his short Twitter bio to read, “far left media operative” as a part of his occupation.

All this occurred after we exposed Cantù’s stories and bias in routinely referring to Trump campaign supporters as “racist” for no given reason except their race and support for Trump.

How can the Santa Fe Reporter tolerate and condone a media operative who is openly biased as Cantù is?  Their true colors are revealed.  The Santa Fe Reporter is fake news.  Cantù should have been fired long ago.

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