NM Politics Update: #FakeNews Stalker Leaves, Republican Con Man Returns

As we begin to see New Mexico politicos and candidates align for 2018, we’re seeing some changes that the year may bring and a number of interesting developments.

This week on the Republican side, another candidate, Land Commissioner Aubrey Dunn, announced his bid for the congressional seat governor hopeful Steve Pearce is vacating, joining Republican state Representative Yvette Herrell who also hopes to win the congressional seat.  There are rumors that two or three more candidates may jump into that race as well.  It’s going to be an exciting year, just with congressional district 2’s seat open for the taking.

But what’s kept us the most interested is Albuquerque politics and the actions of progressives and opportunists in our state’s largest city:

#FakeNews Writer Leaves State

During the last month, #FakeNews reporter Joey Peters signaled he is leaving New Mexico to return to the bastion of liberal thought, Minnesota.  Word is that his wife got tired of hearing about how he stalks women.  But what do we know?!


In April we awarded Peters with our “April Fool’s Top Fake News Reporter” recognition.  Some examples of his excellence in #FakeNews reporting include obsession with harassing female political opponents, which borders on stalking:

  1. He hates Governor Martinez with a vengeance and is obsessed with referencing her underwear in nearly every story he writes and sued her because he feels entitled to everything, including her medical appointments.
  2. Joey the Jester also targeted Representative Rebecca Dow with unsubstantiated, “TMZ-style” gossip stories, harassing Rebecca Dow, candidate for state Representative, as was pointed out by legitimate news outlets.
  3. Yours truly has also had a number of first-hand experiences of being stalked by Joey the Jester.  These experiences were outright creepy.  For example, Facebook stalking me, then using a personal picture from my album on Facebook for his own profile picture on Twitter.  Another time he chased me through a hotel lobby, shouting at me and wouldn’t leave me alone until I had to acknowledge him.  I was very uncomfortable and felt unsafe, concerned he would follow me to my room.
  4. Joey the Jester enjoys stalking political opponents (mostly women) just like his boss has stalked Representative Sandra Jeff (Mommy issues?  Or something more troubling?).  The conduct of these two #FakeNews reporters is stalkerish and outright creepy (Joey’s boss Peepin’ Pat Davis camped out in front of Jeff’s kid’s home, claiming he was trying to prove she didn’t live in the district she represented).


PSA– #FelonyArrestWarrant: The man, the myth, the nightmare? Beware, Republican Con Man Returns to NM!

Hide your credit cards everyone, Robert “Bob” Cornelius is back, after two years in Texas (rumor has it he was chased out of the Lone Star State).  KOAT 7 tells the story of Bob Cornelius, the 2012 Republican National Committee alternate delegate who faced a felony arrest warrant after he ran up thousands of dollars worth of hotel and other stuff on a fellow Republican’s credit card at the 2012 RNC convention in Florida.

Wonder how that happened?  We asked around and nearly every Republican State Central Committee member we know who knew Bob in 2012, says the incident was not accidental and was horrific;  They say Bob just placed thousands of dollars of purchases on somebody else’s credit card, purposefully!  Our editor was an alternate delegate to the RNC in 2016 and says there were a few jokes about the incident in Cleveland, Ohio last summer, but some folks still don’t think it is that funny.

Bob also worked for the congressional candidate who slashed fellow-Republican candidate Janice Arnold-Jones tires in 2012.  How embarrasing!

This year, Bob Cornelius has already fleeced Albuquerque mayoral candidate Ricardo Chaves to the tune of $100,000.  Where will New Mexico’s favorite con man head next?!…

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