Why won’t Pat Davis respect the law and law enforcement?

Gotta admit nothing says “respecting law enforcement” like telling them you’re one of them, reminding you ran for sheriff a few years back and…

  • Insisting that the car you hit while drunk driving “stopped short” and the accident was the other vehicle’s fault
  • Insisting you are not drunk, even when your breath smells like alcohol
  • Insisting that it isn’t alcohol on your breath but a “mouth wash”
  • Insisting that your slurred speech is actually due to a southern accent (Read into: “Hey, stupid cop, you don’t understand southern English!”)
  • Could not finish exercises as requested by officer due to intoxication (but Davis still wasn’t drunk):Davis-PoliceReprt

Still, after all these factors Pat Davis insists that he has “long held respect” for law enforcement?  It is some kind of “respect” that lies to you and seeks to wiggle out of facing the consequences of one’s actions. 

If Davis respects the law and law enforcement, why did he lie about being drunk?  Are his statements that of a lunatic, a two-faced political operative or something else?

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