Couy Griffin Threatens Violence, Dem State Rep Wants to “Brand” Trump Supporters

This week I called for Couy Griffin to resign as county commissioner of Otero County. The commissioner who has been leading the organization Cowboys for Trump, has a history of saying things that incite violence. I called him out this past summer and demanded an apology after he stated “the only good Democrat is a dead one.” This comment was wrong. Perhaps it was philosophical, but it was stated wrongly, it’s dangerous and it may be an actual threat.

Yet, here we go again several months later: Couy Griffin attended Trump’s Stop the Steal Rally, which is his business and he has every right to do it. But when he states, he plans to go back to the capitol for the inauguration and “blood running out” of the capitol…that is at nothing less than inciting violence and might be far worse since it could be an actual threat. It would make sense for the Secret Service to pay Couy Griffin a visit.

This is wrong. Couy Griffin must resign as Otero County Commissioner. His kind of hate and threatening comments do not belong in political discussions. They are a threat to democracy and a threat to freedom.

But what is also wrong are the commies on the Left who want to “brand” political opponents, presumably taking notes from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s playbook. Take the words of New Mexico Representative Liz Thomson who wants to make sure supporters of Trump are, “…forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist. They should never be given any position of power or responsibility….”

The entire tweet is horrifying. But then, Representative Thomson realized she had erred and claimed she doesn’t want to actually “brand” people for being Trump supporters, but she doesn’t recant on her desire to severely punish these individuals and restrict them from being in “any position of power or responsibility.”

This is a state Representative in New Mexico!!! Or is it communist China? Russia? Or some other nation?

This, too, is wrong.

We called on New Mexico Democrat Speaker of the House Brian Egolf to reign in Representative Liz Thomson. Did he? Well…she deleted the tweets now…

That’s not scary at all…right?

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