Trump Censored and Banned, Threats Against Trump Uncensored

The media is biased. Social media is censored. And reporting on it can be censored, too.

If Trump is responsible for the capitol riots, then Ocasio Cortez is responsible for not only inciting riots but also for advising and organizing them, at the very least. If Trump is in any way responsible for the capitol unrest, then Kathy Griffin was threatening to kill him when she posts her pictures of a bloody decapitated head and calls herself “the beheader.” Which is it, Twitter?

But according to Twitter, you can threaten Trump with your “art” and it will be allowed to stay. You can condone protests and write off violence if you’re in congress, but you can’t rally protest and call for peaceful protesting if you’re the president.

In tweet’s we’re posting from just weeks ago, Representative Ocasio-Cortez urges establishment Republicans and Democrats to accept protesters, calling for their actions to be accepted as normal.

U.S. Representative Ocasio Cortez declares that protesters tried, “polite language” and it didn’t work.
Advocacy for concrete policy changes? Unless it’s honest elections and support for Trump?

And then there’s Facebook. Friday I was suspended for a month. I wasn’t told what my infraction was, but just that I had violated one of a vague list of rules. Oddly, what I had posted in the past 24 hours was connected to president Trump’s ban from his Twitter account as I questioned why Kathy Griffin is still allowed to be on Twitter, threatening the president and referring to herself as “the beheader.” Twitter presumably excuses these offensive, dangerous and threatening tweets claiming they are “art.” Yet the writings and memes of thousands of Americans who support Trump are not considered “art?”

Why is one type of threat and incitement okay?

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