It Begins: List of Governor’s Quislings and Snitches

Snitches get stitches, or so the old saying goes. In New Mexico, they might not get stitches, but people who were turned in by their community members can now find out who ratted them out, thanks to emails released to a Lea County citizen. We’re glad to be able to share the list and will continue to do so as often as we can.

We knew it was coming. There has been talk of getting a list of the list of the Governor’s quislings and snitches for months. We’re aware individuals and organizations have been filing requests for this information for awhile. And of course the Governor has tried to keep that information from coming out for as long as possible. However, with New Mexico’s open records, or IPRA, law in place, it was only a matter of time before the snitches names would be released.

K.T. Mattis of Lea County released the list of emails he had apparently IPRA’d on his Facebook page. The list of emails is for only nine days, April 21-29, 2020, but it leaves viewers with a lot of interesting reports to read. Check them out here (Facebook was flagging links as potentially malicious, so we’ve revamped the links):


So far, a few of the emails of the snitches have stood out, particularly an email from Senator Bill Soules of Las Cruces who emailed the state to report one of his own constituents– a gun store– for supposedly being open. The New Mexico Political Journal wrote more about that situation here.

The emails feature many other interesting reports (truth be told, we haven’t had the chance to read them all), like people reporting neighbors for having “too many” people at their homes. This is an idea that has been advocated for by progressives like Lucas Herndon who has worked for ProgressNow New Mexico for years. Months ago, Herndon stated he thought people with too many kids at their house should be reported. I guess he agrees with the snitch who reported a neighbor for having “too many” people at their home, their own private property.

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