EXPOSED: Pat Davis’ Used to Want to Fight ABQ Gangs, Now He Protects them and Rioters

Over the past several weeks, Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis has been one of the leaders championing the cause of Black Lives Matter protesters that have led to brick-throwing, arson and millions of dollars in damage to private and public property in large cities, including his own. While Davis may not seem to outright defend the destruction of property, or admit he’s protecting Antifa, his actions paint a message that he’s friendly to their cause and he hasn’t worked to support positive imaging of law enforcement at all. Davis is backing his radical progressive buddies, but will he get away with it? Albuquerque residents need to see through his hypocrisy and discover who he really is– a progressive opportunist riding the latest progressive buzz-issue wave. Pat Davis is also…as usual…the biggest hypocrite in New Mexico progressive politics.

In the past, Councilor Pat Davis has claimed to be an advocate for law and order as he ran for sheriff stating he wanted to, “advocate in Santa Fe for stronger laws and more resources to tackle big problems, and should be able to bring new technology to the front-lines to more quickly identify offenders and to build the cases necessary to keep them in custody.” Prior to this statement and his run, Davis claims he attended a D.C. police academy and worked in law enforcement (or security?) at UNM. New Mexico has zero law enforcement experience or education requirements for sheriff, so it’s no surprise Pat Davis thought he was qualified to fill the position.

Today, we see another side to Pat Davis. He has led another city councilor and is co-sponsoring legislation they claim will stop Albuquerque law enforcement from obtaining military-grade equipment. This might sound warm and fuzzy, but the problem is that local police need equipment to protect themselves and citizens from well-equipped gangs, cartels and other criminals who obtain similar tools to use against citizens and law enforcement.

In his past campaign for sheriff, Pat Davis also bragged about taking on Albuquerque gangs and trying to fight crime stating, “Today, I sit at the table, bringing the community together with prosecutors, law enforcement and the courts to target repeat offenders and to identify emerging crime trends before they get out of hand.” Will Pat Davis sit down with prosecutors and law enforcement before seeking to limit the resources law enforcement have? Or were these just buzzwords he had on his campaign website and has since forgotten?

A survey created and circulated by Councilor Davis (presumably created with taxpayer dollars), doesn’t even seek to veil Davis’ hate for law enforcement as it solicits information and opinions from citizens of the Duke City (do vote in it, and support LEO!).

Perhaps even more damning than these campaign buzzwords is former Albuquerque City Councilor, and fellow Democrat, Pete Dineli’s indictment of Davis and his lack of involvement with Albuquerque Police Department in the past, “The Albuquerque City Council plays a crucial oversight role of the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) including controlling its budget. Davis has done nothing when it comes to Albuquerque Police Department (APD) reforms and has never challenged the APD command staff in any meaningful way demanding compliance with the Department of Justice (DOJ) consent decree reforms. Each time the Federal Monitor has presented his critical reports of APD to the City Council, Davis has been silent and has declined to demand accountability from the Mayor and hold the APD command staff responsible for dragging their feet on the reforms. Davis has failed to attend any of the federal court hearings on the consent decree.” Dineli essentially states that Davis  was just MIA when it came to making sure APD was aligned with the DOJ.

OOPS!!!! It’s as if Pat Davis is doing exactly what he claimed he wouldn’t do when he ran for sheriff 10 years ago– use his position to play politics!!!

The message Davis needs to hear most seems to be one found on the campaign blog from his sheriff campaign in the form of an endorsement from Idalia Lechuga-Tena,“The policies we make in government affect real people. Putting people first matters in public service…before politics when it comes to public safety.”

Pat Davis, will you do this before its too late?! Or will you continue to seek to disarm our law enforcement and dismantle those sworn to protect us?

Note: Over the past nearly seven years, I’ve written dozens of blogposts about Albuquerque City Councilor Pat Davis. Throughout these years, and before, Davis has worked to set the tone for New Mexico politics as he has fought to transition New Mexico Democratic Party from a state where Democrats were corrupt moderates on some issues (like NRA-endorsed Richardson), to the modern era of Soros-funded Socialists and brick-throwing Antifa activists.

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