Haaland Allowed “Direct Affront to Tribal Sovereignty”: Pueblo Group

Yesterday, we shared a video members of the Laguna Pueblo have made talking detailing some of their concerns about congressional district 1 candidate Deb Haaland’s disregard for the pueblo’s sacredly-held religious traditions. Pueblo of Laguna Members for Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency voiced their outrage at Haaland who violated the Nation’s constitution and was remanded for writing about religious ceremonies in New Mexico Magazine.

In a second video the Pueblo of Laguna Members for Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency released concerned members of the Laguna Pueblo talked about Deb Haaland’s work during negotiations to purchase a Louisiana casino. According to pueblo members, Haaland was willing to give the Louisiana Gaming Commission authority to remove and replace tribal authorities, beginning with the tribal Governor! According to the group, this cost the tribe millions of dollars. Watch below:


We will release yet another video tomorrow. We appreciate the community feedback we’ve been getting.

With the release of these videos, more voters are voicing their concern about Haaland’s candidacy, “[Deb] is an Angry Woman with zero qualifications to represent New Mexico. She claims 30 years sober—WHAT? After 3 DWI’s she finally sobered up? She wasted tax dollars on law school, couldn’t pass the bar 3 times and so is not a lawyer, yet wants her student loan debt forgiven,” said Brenda Olsen, “[Deb] lost $23 MILLION dollars for Laguna Pueblo while representing them in a Louisiana casino deal. Since when does being a single mother, recovering alcoholic, bad decision maker qualify anyone for US Congress?! Her own Pueblo says she is bad for New Mexico. Listen to them!”

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