Laguna Pueblo Residents: Deb Haaland Disrespected Sacred Religion, Violated Pueblo Constitution

Congressional District 1 candidate Deb Haaland, a Native American and member of the Laguna Pueblo has recently been called out by a group of fellow members of the Laguna Pueblo who say she does not represent the best interests of tribal members, honor their sovereignty or care to respect the religious traditions held sacred by the tribe.

“Concerned citizens from Laguna Pueblo that [have] known Deb Haaland since the mid-nineties are frightened by the possibility that she could be New Mexico Congressional District 1’s next Congresswoman,” stated a source who asked to remain anonymous. “Deb has proven to be totally unreliable, self-serving and lacking the character required for public service.”

Today we’re sharing one of the videos passed on by a group calling themselves, Pueblo of Laguna Members for Honesty, Integrity, and Transparency.

Laguna Tribe residents claim Ms. Haaland repeatedly failed to reverence the nation’s religion and even broke the constitution. Watch below:

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