Readers respond: Communism-themed Senior Prom

This blog has probably never seen a greater number of responses on social media than it did last week on the Communism-themed high school prom story.

“They wanted prom-munism, so that’s what got voted for the most,” said senior Sarah Zachary.

However, students who asked to remain anonymous don’t believe Communism is a joking matter.

“I would hope Cottonwood would realize the seriousness of having a very powerful and destructive idea as the theme for a prom,” one student wrote.

Another said, “While the seniors meant no harm in their choice of theme, it is not appropriate.”


“Our students are in the International Baccalaureate program, so they are very academically focused,” said Sam Obenshain, executive director at Cottonwood. “One of the classes they enjoy the most is a world history class.”

Obenshain said, despite the vote, this is not a done deal. He said he plans to talk with the students about it next week.

[via KRQE]

Several national websites and blogs have even “stolen” the we wrote last week! While many readers expressed surprise on social media, others offered solutions, or half-joking ideas for the confused youth proposing the prom theme.

One reader suggested that the high school students should be taught what Communism is actually about through a visit with folks who had survived the horrors of Communism.  Maybe then they would not see it as a laughing matter?  Another reader thought a fully researched presentation on the true history of Communism from each student might be the best way to educate the youth.

Other readers offered ideas for the prom:

“Well, let them have it but make them pay for it by themselves. Or better yet, let those of us who know the dangers of communism create the event but still make them pay for it. That can be their first taste of what communism stinks like.”

  1. Every girl has to wear the same dress AND has to stand in line for 12 hours to get it
  2. No toilet paper in the bathrooms (several readers proposed this one)
  3. No punch or snacks; only small pieces of white bread they must stand in a long line to get.  Serve one dish and everyone eats the same food
  4. For starters, as soon as they walk through the door, take their corsages and give to those that don’t have one
  5. Next, take their dates, and we pick who they will be with at the prom
  6. NO dancing… just goose-stepping
  7. Rich kids arrive in a limo?  Let the poor kids return home in it
  8. the prom should be decorated with mass graves
  9. Prom attendees lined up against the walls, just like…

I think it is just pathetic that instead of learning true history, today’s youth are sent off into a world of fantasy where utopian ideas are rampant.  What happened in the sense of pride or honor at the thought of being American?!

Perhaps Blog reader Susan, said it best, “Sadly, these kids do not realize that if they lived under communism, they would not be able to make this kind of stupid choice, because they would have no choice, nor would they have a prom.”

In my opinion, this quote from one of our nation’s greatest statesmen is a fitting close for this story– what do we do if we do not train our youth up properly?!

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

– Ronald Reagan

One thought on “Readers respond: Communism-themed Senior Prom

  1. Seems some of the students there already have the major component of communism, indoctrination instead of education. I wonder who is responsible for that?


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