Anti-#RightToWorkNM advocate: RTW is worse than prohibition and slavery!


Tuesday evening the much anticipated arrival of the Senate Public Affairs vote on Right-to-Work occurred in Santa Fe.  The vote was 5-3 along party lines with a vote to table HB75, a bill called the Employee Preference Act sponsored by Rep. Dennis Roch, that would give workers the choice to not join a union if they so chose.  The bill had previously been amended in the House Judiciary Committee to include a minimum wage hike of fifty cents.  Democrats are now on record as voting AGAINST a minimum wage increase.

Or should I say the vote was handed down…like judges in a court?  The five Democrats on the Public Affairs committee decided against Right-to-Work just like that.

Senator Daniel Ivey-Soto actually seemed a little apologetic, and certainly defensive as he gave his reason for opposing the Right-to-Work legislation.  The Democrats chose to play politics, instead of focusing on jobs.  When this happens we all lose.

Crazy Leftists

We’ve heard a lot of crazy things– but today one liberal operative and supporter of fake grassroots groups trumped up by the nationally-backed unions claimed that New Mexico’s Right-to-Work bill “is the most senseless piece of legislation since the signing of the declaration”.

Okay…we’ll admit there’s been some pretty senseless legislation out there, but this young operative (flaunting a beer in his profile picture) is claiming one of two things, either of which are pretty careless:

  1. The Declaration of Independence is “senseless” and has only been trumped by Right-to-Work, or;
  2. Of the millions of bills proposed over the past 250 years New Mexico’s Right-to-Work bill is the most “senseless”

How is that for intelligence?  Right-to-Work is so sensible that the 25th state just passed it into law this month.  But with radical liberals, common sense is lacking, so why should we trust their judgement?

Here’s laws my liberal friend just called less “more sensible” than Right-to-Work.  It makes him look like a radical whacko:

  1. It’s more senseless to ban beer than to allow workers to CHOOSE to join a union.  For 13 years (1920 and 1933), there was a ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of booze throughout the United States.
  2. Slavery was finally banned by the 13th Amendment.  But according to one liberal, Right-to-Work is worse than any legislation allowing slavery!
  3. You think it was senseless for women to be fined and even imprisoned for trying to vote?  That’s what happened before the passage of the 19th Amendment, but it’s not as senseless as Right-to-Work!
  4. Before the Scopes Monkey Trial was overturned ONLY Evolution could be banned from schools.  But a ban on the teaching of Evolution (a “Sacred Cow” to liberals) is not as senseless as Right-to-Work!
  5. Child labor?  Before Woodrow Wilson was president, kids would slave for 12 hours in the sweat shops– but guess what?  Freeing workers and enabling them to CHOOSE whether to join a union, is MUCH WORSE!

In reality the real reason individuals connected to union activism don’t want Right-to-Work is because they’re afraid of losing control.  They’re afraid folks will value freedom and it’s benefits over union bondage!

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One thought on “Anti-#RightToWorkNM advocate: RTW is worse than prohibition and slavery!

  1. This twisted logic was in the Suggested area after your vid played,,,,, The Racist History of Right to Work…

    When he says “we are picking up the tab” he should substitute “increased minimum wages” and see how that plays in Peoria.

    We should have put them all back in chains when we had the chance. Except for the ones in the asylum.



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