Pat Davis and ProgressNow New Mexico: Ultimate Hypocrites

Last week the Santa Fe New Mexican picked up a story about ProgressNow New Mexico’s talking about hypocrisy…

The leader of a progressive political organization accused a leading Republican in the Legislature of hypocrisy for allowing lobbyists to use a room in the state Capitol after accusing the Democratic former House speaker of giving lobbyists control of some offices at the Roundhouse.

Patrick Davis, executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico, used his organization’s website to draw attention Thursday to a meeting of five lobbyists in a first-floor conference room that’s part of the House majority GOP’s offices.

Gentry said the reports he’s received that Martinez gave two lobbyists exclusive access to offices he controlled for two years is not analogous the House Republicans allowing anyone to use a conference room.

The House GOP conference room that lobbyists occupied Thursday is available for anyone, Gentry said. As long as Republican House members and their staff don’t need the space, constituents, stakeholders and lobbyists of any political persuasion can reserve the conference room at no cost by contacting House Republican staff, he said.

“I don’t know of any meeting rooms in the building available for people, whoever it is, to meet — constituents, business interests,” Gentry said. “People drive up here from five hours away to get away and meet. We’re making it available.

If any New Mexico political group knows about hypocrisy, it would be ProgressNow New Mexico.  Remember Pat Daivis? How is he complaining about hypocrisy?  Davis is the ProgressNow New Mexico, union funded political trickster who campaigned for sheriff on a get tough on DWI  platform. This same Pat Davis, who demanded tougher DWI laws, was then arrested for aggravated DWI. He was one who rear-ended some poor innocents after a drunken frolic one night. He was the same Davis who insisted, while talking to the arresting officers, that his slurred speech was just his “southern accent”. And the alcohol on his breath was “mouthwash”. And wasn’t he also the guy who asked victims he hit in the drunken stupor, to give a soldier a break—because he needed to get back to his military base? All the while Davis advertised on social media and his website that his hobby was hanging out in brew pubs.  His picture could be part of the definition of hypocrisy (for all I know that might be the latest Wikipedia update!).


Pat Davis Driving

PatDavis Driving 2


Davis is back to his old dirty, dishonest tricks and is complaining about— if you can believe it— hypocrisy.

A couple of his close ultra liberal lobbyist pals had to surrender their exclusive  legislative offices at the Roundhouse, next to the Democratic leadership when the Democrats lost the House majority.  Pat Davis wanted to shield his allies and remove the spotlight from his liberal pals and the sweet deal they had with the Democrats… Of course to do this he had to bring attention to his usual target, conservatives.  It’s not the mouthwash that is at issue with his latest stab, it is  much more like hogwash.

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