Why not Right-to-Work? It’s in the Judicial Committee today

Why not Right-to-Work?

I still can’t figure out why liberals, who normally champion choice, oppose workers choosing whether to join a union or not– it’s not like they have suddenly changed their mind, is it?!

But then, maybe it is about control and power of liberal interests?  After all, with unions an option, verses having the ability to require membership, unions might be forced to focus on actually representing WORKERS, instead of representing special political interests…  Aha…maybe we’ve got something figured out here…

Committee hearing today!

Today a Right-to-Work bill has its second committee hearing– this time it’s in the Judiciary Committee.  You can find contact information for members of the Judicial Committee here.

The committee hearing begins at 1:00p.m. in Room 309 in the Roundhouse in Santa Fe.  If you can’t attend the committee hearing you still should be able to watch the committee hearing online– please check it out here…

And while you’re watching the committee hearing– please tweet your comments on Twitter– make sure to use the #nmpol and #nmleg hashtags.  A couple new Right-to-Work hashtags are #RightToWorkNM and #RTWNM.

Committee members are:

Representative Zachary J. Cook  R Chair

Representative Paul A. Pacheco  R Vice Chair

Representative David E. Adkins  R Member

Representative Eliseo Lee Alcon  D Member

Representative Cathrynn N. Brown  R Member

Representative Gail Chasey  D Member

Representative Jim Dines  R Member

Representative Brian Egolf  D Member (on Twitter and doesn’t support #RTWNM)

Representative Nate Gentry  R Member (on Twitter)

Representative Georgene Louis  D Member

Representative Antonio Maestas  D Member (on Twitter and doesn’t support #RTWNM)

Representative W. Ken Martinez  D Member (on Twitter and doesn’t support #RTWNM)

Representative Terry H. McMillan  R Member

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