Welcome 2015! Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2014…Welcome 2015!

“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ…”  – I Peter 1:3

2014– what an amazing year.  A year filled with many lessons…and blessings…a year filled with many adventures…and new opportunities.  2014 brought new opportunities to work on campaigns (officially and unofficially) and participate in the effort which led to a sweeping victory for Republicans across New Mexico.

As if real life activism (which often becomes a full time job for me by late summer on election years) were not enough, in 2014 I found myself blogging far more than ever…to a point where my one-time resolution of “blogging instead of Twitter” became an exhausting routine.  My childhood love of writing certainly found a purpose, but it has grown beyond a simple hobby.

This past week I ran through my website stats and comments, creating a list of the most popular blogposts (and series’) for 2014:

Correcting the Record: Pat Davis of ProgressNow NM Lied About House GOP Missing Committee Vote

A month after I wrote about Pat Davis’ attempt to use his contacts in the Albuquerque legal community and District Attorney’s office to get off his DWI charge, my “dear pal” Patrick Davis of Progress Now New Mexico found himself on the less-than-honest side of politics…again!  Through his organization Progress Now New Mexico, Davis completely fabricated a story claiming that Republicans completely missed a committee vote he deemed important.  Poor Davis failed to get documentation…House committee documents proved Davis to be a complete liar.  (Hey, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Davis and his media pals went after me so hard the following month with twisted lies and personal attacks.)

Deception: Blogger Joe Monahan creates faked ads to appear balanced

Not content with creating legitimate ads paid for by candidates and causes, leftist blogger Joe Monahan decided to create fake ads for his blogsite, targeting the campaigns of Rep. Nate Gentry and Sarah Maestas Barnes.  Leftist operative and blogger Monahan was caught and removed the ads quickly.

Shreddin’ Sam Bregman and NM Dems concerned about Catherine Begaye’s criminal record

It started when I tweeted once regarding the criminal record of Catherine Begaye, who challenged incumbent Rep. Paul Pacheco.  The next day the Democratic Party of New Mexico found the tweet and angrily responded with attacks on Pacheco, while ignoring my factual tweet.  Just…wow!

Resignation: Winston Brooks says Goodbye to APS

Superintendent Winston Brooks of the Albuquerque Public School District found his contract terminated and Brooks walked away– I previously wrote in 2013 about Brooks’ disrespectful and very offensive, inappropriate and sexist comments aimed at New Mexico Secretary Designate Hanna Skandera.

Classic Old West Tale: Land Commissioner Powell and the Dixon Apple Orchard

It’s probably safe to say that Dixon Apple Orchard is responsible for our Republican victory over Land Commissioner Ray Powell.  I enjoyed writing about this story beginning in September, and more recently advocating for integrity during the recount process which occurred in December.  Can you believe a state-wide race was won by less than six hundred votes?  The recount made state history as a “first”– I really enjoyed being part of the process not only as an online activist, but as a Dunn campaign recount observer.  So glad to have Aubrey Dunn as Land Commissioner!

For me, 2014 meant serving where God sent– a scripture from the story of my favorite Bible heroine, Esther, carried special meaning for me this year, “For if thou holdest thy peace at this time, comfort and deliverance shall appear to the Jews out of another place, but thou and thy father’s house shall perish: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time?” Esther 4:14

Now on to 2015!!!

Where will 2015 lead?! It has yet to be seen, however if it is anything like the past two years, it will be another big adventure!

Stay tuned this morning as I post to Twitter from the roundhouse during the Governor’s inauguration in Santa Fe and the New Mexico True Inaugural Ball in Albuquerque! [Hopefully blogpost to follow]

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