Looking back at last week’s Election Day victory

Before diving in to a uncredited guest blogpost, there are a few takeaways from the Democrats’ losses of last week which I thought were compelling– I’ve categorized them under three behaviors beginning with “r” (just for fun!):

  1. Recluse: Gary King’s concession speech was pathetic in that he didn’t mention Governor Martinez *once* and he refused to speak to any reporters as he fled the room after his extremely short speech was completed.
  2. Rage: The evening of the election in Grant County it appeared an angry Sen. Howie Morales (Democrat- Dist. 28) left behind his normal politician self (he often condescends to carry out groceries out for those shopping at Walmart) and marched into the county clerk’s office by storm, screaming.  “What the hell happened?”– Senator Howie Morales reportedly demanded of the Grant County Clerk’s office officials (Robert Zamarippa County Clerk and his Deputy Elections Director Marisa Castrillo) after they went into a back room to meet.  Morales had seen the election results coming in which were favorable to Republicans.  Bystanders from various campaigns awaiting election returns in the clerk’s office lobby saw that the Senator was furious.  The results would eventually lead to Republicans, including Governor Martinez and Congressman Pearce, carrying a Democrat stronghold– a county these Republicans had never won which is considered difficult for Republicans to win.  What was the fuss about?  Perhaps former Grant County Clerk Morales was asking his good friends who now run the clerk’s office why the election was so favorable for Republicans?  Perhaps he was upset that his dear texting-pal Representative Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez (it is a popular joke that Rep. Rudy Martinez has bragged, “Howie taught me to text,” which leads some to speculate that Martinez texts so that the younger Senator can remind the Representative how to vote in committee) lost reelection due to Grant County’s lack of Democratic GOTV to carry Martinez to victory?  The reason for the Senator’s rage is open to speculation, but it is odd that his outrage was directed at county officials considering the election results are supposed to be out of the county clerk’s control– right?!
  3. Revenge: And of course Pat Davis, the ProgressNow New Mexico executive director had to have his say— the poor guy reminded us that New Mexico will never be the same now that he has moved to the Land of Enchantment to wreak havoc, destroy New Mexico traditions and wipe away individual liberties, like gun rights, that most New Mexicans treasure.  His discouraged group tries to look optimistic, while they were clearly routed– he says he will continue to fight laws protecting New Mexico children from controlled substances like marijuana.  Poor guy…we all know Davis’ DWI history…and it sure is gruesome to think a convicted drunk driver and self-proclaimed stalker of children is now working so hard to incrementally legalize marijuana.
  4. Respect: Bharat Krishnan, campaign manager for Catherine Begaye (whom I exposed as having a criminal record, greatly to the chagrin of the Democratic Party of New Mexico) congratulated me on our victories.  Mr. Krishnan was quite gracious, reminding us that just because we are on opposite sides does not mean we cannot be polite after the election is over:


Looking back at November 4th’s Election

Uncredited guest blogpost

After the election it would be interesting to provide an overall accounting about which party is actually inclusive of “minority” candidates and which party’s principles align with the interests of all New Mexicans. 

How was Gary King able to get the Democratic nomination but why did he do so poorly in the General election? Gary King lost Democratic support because the “centrist” Democrat allowed himself to be “packaged by the progressives as a “progressive.” This was to King’s detriment because they did so without contributing financially to the King campaign. This includes the choice of the obscure running mate for lieutenant governor chosen by the party leaders. 

Haaland was not chosen for her name recognition as most registered Democrats in the New Mexico never heard of Debra Haaland (a progressive insider who has links to anarchist twitter groups). The King campaign tried to utilize the “Tejana” slight against Martinez–However, this fell flat because Gary King’s grandfather was a Texan who moved to New Mexico as a homesteader. Instead of practicing true folksy retail politics that the King’s were known for, they put King on a tour trotting him around the state with activist Dolores Huerta; noted for her advocacy for farmworkers, labor unions and open border agenda. However, her political agenda doesn’t play as well in our state to New Mexican Hispanic ranchers and farmers who own their own dirt and New Mexicans who are concerned about security issues related to the porous border. 

Many New Mexicans do not identify with the label “Latino.” The attempt to divide the public and play a race card by stating that Governor Martinez does not have a “Latino Heart” fell flat because most New Mexicans do not self identify as “Latino;” especially the older generation who still refer to themselves as Hispanic. 

Progressive issues are not New Mexican issues and progressives like Pat Davis do not speak for the average Democrat and are not relevant to real New Mexicans. Like any other group Hispanic New Mexicans are concerned with jobs (not simply minimum wage jobs). It should offend Hispanic Democrats when progressives tell them they are advocating for minimum wage jobs for them because they expect Hispanics and their children will settle for being mediocre. They also got King to carry the water for teachers unions to try and convince us that education in New Mexico is broken because of standardized tests. 

Unfortunately, anyone with a pulse can recognize education in this state was broken long before Governor Martinez was elected for her first term and it could not be “fixed” in four years. It is important to remind New Mexicans that the progressive Democratic House solution to the education problems which have plagued our state is to simply grade Hispanics and other minorities at a lower standard (see progressive representative and teacher’s union minion Mimi Stewart’s education bill). 

My question is in New Mexico and Nationally which party is intent on including Hispanics as valued equal partners in pursuing opportunity and the American dream and which party continues to marginalize Hispanics and use this demographic to simply win elections?

*     *     *

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