Victory!! New Mexico Republicans take the House!

“But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory!”

I Corinthians 15:57

Tuesday November 4th, Republicans across New Mexico cheered as news of a victory for Republicans in the New Mexico House of Representatives was assured!  Election Day, control of the New Mexico House of Representatives went from a 37-33 Democrat majority, to a 37-33 Republican majority.  It’s a historic day– the Republican Party has not had control of the New Mexico House since the 1950s when we held a Republican majority for the only time, for just two years.

It wasn’t an easy win– there were many people working hard and taking a lot of heat for their hard work– it took a lot of cooperation and team work to win!  I really appreciate the work of Rep. Nate Gentry who did a great job pushing our party over the line to victory in our effort to gain a Republican majority in the House of Representatives!

In addition to this, conservatives found Tuesday a victory as we reelect our popular Governor Susana Martinez, Lt. Governor Sanchez (who runs on the governor’s ticket) and Secretary of State Dianna Duran.  New Mexicans also voted for state-wide Court of Appeals Judge Miles Hanisee, a judge who had been appointed by Governor Martinez for the second time.  Another victory appears to be ours in the Land Commissioner race of Aubrey Dunn who came in just 2,243 votes above his incumbent opponent Ray Powell.  There will likely be an automatic recount as mandated by state law in races decided by less than .5%.  But with Dunn over two thousand votes ahead, it appears that this victory is Dunn’s!

We would have, of course, liked to have seen U.S. Senator Tom Udall unseated by his challenger Allen Weh and seen victories in the attorney general and state Treasurer’s offices (we were blessed to have great candidates running for those respective offices in Susan Riedel and Rick Lopez).  New Mexicans were very blessed to have such a great line-up of Republican candidates!

It is my prayer that Republicans will unite and put aside petty differences while working together to accomplish great things in Santa Fe.  We will disagree on policy, but can do so politely and work together on the issues we do agree on.  Hopefully a high priority will be placed on repealing the law that allows illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses, passing third graders who can’t read on to forth grade (social promotion doesn’t happen in the real world) and passing a voter identification law.

Governor Martinez has accomplished some great things this past year including balancing the budget and ridding our state of its deficit- how much more can she get done with a cooperative House of Representatives?

We, as Republicans, can and must impact this state for the better!

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