Rep. Garcia, NM Democrats and the #WarOnWomen

Sunday the Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz was in Albuquerque talking about women’s issues with candidates and supporting Democratic candidate for governor Gary King in an effort to rally opposition which would vote out Governor Martinez, the first Latina Governor in the entire nation.

Funny that Democrats supposedly encouraging equality for women would be supporting a boring guy with an unimpressive record (called the worst attorney general ever by the Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Shreddin’ Sam Bregman) for governor of the state of New Mexico…but that’s Democrats for you…

Speaking of the War on Women, the hard-Left progressives had a great victory in their war on women this past week.  The Democrats succeeded in bullying their fellow Democrat Mary Helen Garcia off the ballot (although the decision is to be appealed to the NM Supreme Court next):

A district court judge on Friday refused to throw out disputed absentee ballots in House District 34 race that saw challenger Bill Gomez edge past Garcia by 16 votes in the June Democratic Party primary.

“The outcome of the election is not overturned,” 3rd Judicial District Judge Jim Martin ruled after hearing a day of testimony.

“We won, that’s all I have to say,” Gomez told New Mexico Watchdog by telephone shortly after the verdict was announced. “We’ll have a press release tomorrow morning.”

New Mexico Watchdog was unable to reach Garcia, a retired teacher who is an influential member of the House on education issues since being elected in 1996, but Chris Saucedo, Garcia’s attorney, said they’ll appeal to the New Mexico Supreme Court.

 – Read more from the New Mexico Watchdog

An independent move by a Democrat in NM House of Representatives may make them a target– if you don’t believe that ask Rep. Mary Helen Garcia or Rep. Sandra Jeff, two women who have found themselves targets of their own party.

What did Rep. Mary Helen Garcia do?  She supported a bill that would end social promotion in New Mexico schools.

And the Democrats say that the Republicans have a #WarOnWomen?  Perhaps they should look in the mirror.  While the Republicans did not primary a single woman who was part of their party, the Democrats primaried TWO and made a big show about it as well!

Maybe DNC Chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz needs to re-think this #WarOnWomen strategy?


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