Democrat campaign manager jokes about vandalism to Albuquerque “Treason” sign

Scott Tillman campaign manager for New Mexico’s Democratic nominee for Lt. Governor Debra Haaland who is also a field representative for the Democrat Governor Gary King thinks that it’s cool to laugh about vandalism done to the well-known “Treason” sign south of Albuquerque in Los Lunas.

People who make light of vandalism are really sick.  It’s even sicker when they’re the top workers for campaigns!

But what better should we expect from hard-Left activists?

When Scott Tillman isn’t passing around pics of vandalized signs on private property he might be making jokes about Texas Governor Rick Perry:

I even ran into a comment from 2012 where he jokes about having “binders full of teachers”:

Scott- Binders full of teachers

Of course the Democrats want conservatives and Republicans to live up to a different standard than their own.  Crazy!

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