Empty words from Maggie T. Oliver on anniversary of Voter Rights Act

Yesterday on the 49th anniversary of the Voter Rights Act, County Clerk Maggie was proclaiming her support for the law.  Her entire purpose is to distract from the truth and push voters and potential supporters to forget the truth.  Mary T. Oliver wants to bring back the days of Secretaries of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron and Mary Herrera– all the way from inability to do the job they were elected to do…to the deep corruption that we have recently seen in the past Secretaries of State.

Okay…Clerk Maggie T. Oliver, is this what New Mexicans want to go back to?!

From the editorial board of the Santa Fe New Mexican as they describe the disorganization in former Sec. of State Mary Herrera’s office:

The office of the New Mexico secretary of state is, to put it mildly, a mess: a politicized pit where paranoia reigns supreme and public service is a distant second — if even that, according to disgruntled former employees. Even taking their complaints with necessary grains of salt, the office has lost the confidence of too many of the New Mexicans it purports to serve.

Since that office is the one people count on for record-keeping and for ensuring fair elections, it’s time to clean house — beginning with the secretary herself. Mary Herrera might have, as she claims, inherited an office in disarray; her predecessor faces federal indictments. But four years later, the operation is borderline chaotic.

New Mexico’s voters need to break 80 years of Democratic rule in that office — and elect Dianna Duran secretary of state.

Another former Secretary of State and had her wheels of corruption a little too “organized”:

Three associates of former New Mexico Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil have been convicted on charges related to $2.5 million in stolen voter education funds that were assigned to the state by the federal government.

But Vigil remains a free woman, unindicted in the federal case. State charges against Vigil were dismissed last November by a district judge who ruled her case originally prosecuted by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office had dragged on too long and violated Vigil’s constitutional right to a speedy trial.

For some, Vigil appears to be the big fish that got away, but she told New Mexico Watchdog in an interview Tuesday she’s done nothing wrong and the convictions of her former associates is a “travesty of justice.”

Now that we know what Maggie T. Oliver wants to return us to, we can move on…to how she would take an almost completely non-partisan position, and turn it into a platform to push her agenda!

This past January Maggie T. Oliver used her position to further the same sex marriage agenda:


Maggie T. Oliver also used her position as county clerk to help disqualify the ballot placement of Native American state Representative Sandra Jeff, yet she has the gall to claim she is in favor of the VRA?  In a statement posted on Facebook Rep. Sandra Jeff said:

“I am equally disappointed in the surprise decision over the weekend by Maggie Toulouse [Oliver], Bernalillo County Clerk, to allow her employee to serve as a witness in this case, particularly because the county Ms. Toulouse [Oliver] represents is hundreds of miles from my district,” Rep. Jeff said, “Ms. Toulouse [Oliver], who is running for Secretary of State in the next election, and is seeking the support of Native Americans for her [candidacy], inappropriately used taxpayer dollars for this trip and her message was clear: partisan wrangling is more important than protecting our people and our right to be involved in the political process.”

In another classic move, Maggie T. Oliver claimed that the working class must choose between working and voting while championing a minimum wage increase.  How partisan [and demeaning] can this woman be?

Read the shocking blogpost here!

We don’t need Maggie T. Oliver!

Maggie T. Oliver wants to bring New Mexico back to the days of partisan Secretaries of State who would rather push their personal agenda than run an office smoothly, do their own job and mind their own business!

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