Pat Davis and Progress Now don’t want the Secretary of State to follow the law?!

Pat Davis of ProgressNow NM attacks– again!
The law doesn’t seem to matter to Pat Davis and the ProgressNowNM pot-heads (no, it’s not name-calling, unless the urban dictionary definition is incorrect!).  This week they’re targeting Secretary of State Dianna Duran.  For some reason they really dislike Duran.  To Davis, a routine that is part of the Secretary of State’s job is some kind of conspiracy…

Here’s what you need to know if you (or someone you know) gets a notice from the Secretary of State.  This is important information we need your help to share.
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If this seems like deja vu it’s because in 2012 Duran came under fire after she sent similar postcards to 177,000 New Mexico voters who had been deemed “inactive.”

Photo credit: Progress Now NM Newsletter

During that purge, we took Duran to task after our investigation uncovered many active voters who were targeted.

When we made national news in 2012 with our video report profiling a 40-year voter Duran tried to purge, the secretary of state wouldn’t explain why she, the wife of a Democratic state representative and many other lifelong voters were targeted.  Then in 2013, we stopped the next round of purges after we published an internal letter from her office detailing the plan.  [Read: Voter purge on pause, says ProgressNow NM, NM Telegram, Feb. 2013 ]

Now they are at it again – just weeks before the election.  And just like last time, legally registered voters who receive these notices can be confused into thinking they can’t vote this November.

What happens if 186,000 legal voters don’t show up this November? We’re about to find out unless we fight back.

We just posted our report on the new voter purge and all of the efforts by the secretary of state to restrict access to elections.

via ProgressNow NM Newsletter

Now back to the Secretary of State Dianna Duran and her job.  We have been blessed with a fine Secretary of State in Dianna Duran who has worked to do the job her office requires.  Yesterday I reported on our past Secretaries of State who have done their jobs terribly– first Rebecca Vigil whose confederates were charged and convicted of stealing $2.5 million in voter education funds (AG Gary King managed to drag out the prosecution of Vigil, so she went free!) and Mary Herrera who was said to have a notoriously disorganized office— and that statement came from the liberal-leaning Santa Fe New Mexican!
Prior Secretaries of State have not done too well a job– but as one person informed me earlier this week, “[they] followed the law, although Herrera’s office was inept.  Duran is following the law just as previous Dem SoS [have] for years.”
Pat Davis’ history of not following the law
Pat Davis and his ProgressNow NM group of paid bullies have recently been in the news for seriously messing up on their own marijuana ballot initiative in Albuquerque.  But, hey, Davis said it isn’t his fault he didn’t do his homework and read the city’s rules for gathering signatures.  City Hall is at fault, of course.  It’s probably also city hall’s fault that Davis pushed through a marijuana decriminalization signature gathering drive that is illegal in New Mexico (state statutes say controlled substance penalties may not be changed by municipalities).  Maybe somebody got stoned in Colorado and hasn’t recovered?
It’s pretty clear what is going on– ProgressNow NM and Pat Davis lied to New Mexicans in 2012, and it appears they want to again in 2014.  The Democrat bosses want NM to go back to the days of Mary Herrera when we did not follow the law.
Finally– did Pat Davis fail to read these statutes before sending out his last fund-raising email?! 
If you read the following, it is quite clear that Secretary of State Dianna Duran is just following the law, including the federal Voter Rights Act of 1993, and doing her job!

New Mexico statute 1-4-28 says:Cancellation of registration; change of residence; notice.
A.   The secretary of state, county clerks and boards of registration, in compliance with the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993, shall remove from the official list of eligible voters the names of voters who are ineligible to vote due to change of residence. 
B.   The secretary of state shall conduct a general program that identifies voters who may no longer reside at their address of registration.  This program shall use information supplied by the United States postal service national change of address service.  This program may also include, among other practices, identification of voters whose official election-related mail is returned and periodic mailings to voters to verify continued residency at their address of registration, provided such practices are uniform, nondiscriminatory and in compliance with the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965. 
C.   Between ninety and one hundred twenty days before the next general election, the secretary of state shall send to each voter who it appears has changed address from the voter’s precinct of registration a notice, sent by forwardable mail, that shall include a postage prepaid and pre-addressed return card.  The notice shall state that: 
(1)   if the voter did not change residency, the voter should return the card no later than twenty-eight days before the next general election; 
(2)   if the voter does not return the card, the voter may be provided an opportunity to update the voter’s registration address before the voter casts a ballot in any election during the period beginning on the date of the notice and ending on the day after the second general election that occurs after the date of the notice; 
(3)   if the voter does not vote in any election during the period beginning on the date of that notice and ending on the day after the second general election that occurs after the date of the notice, the voter’s registration may be canceled; 
(4)   if the voter has changed residence within the same county, the voter should complete the place on the return card for the voter to indicate the address of the new residence and a request to have the voter’s registration moved to that address in the same county; and 
(5)   if the voter has changed residence outside of the county, the voter should follow the information provided concerning how the voter can continue to be eligible to vote. 
D.   The county clerk shall correct the official list of eligible voters in accordance with change of residence information obtained on the prepaid and pre-addressed return card to a new address in the same county, and such names shall not be removed from the list of eligible voters for reason of change of residence. 
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One thought on “Pat Davis and Progress Now don’t want the Secretary of State to follow the law?!

  1. New Mexico has been run like a Banana Republic by the Democrat majority so long that the concepts of legality and responsibility are completely foreign to them.


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