Pat Davis wants to legalize marijuana “like alcohol”

Should New Mexico legalize marijuana?
Progress Now’s Pat Davis thinks so.  After all, Obama says that “marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol.”  Speaking of alcohol and Pat Davis…how is Pat Davis doing these days?!  Still bouncing around and exploring microbreweries as he awaits his DWI trial?
And if marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol, he’s cool with it.  Hey, maybe it will make getting off aggravated DWI’s easier…oh, that’s right…Davis doesn’t need any more help– with his connections the fix is in…
Some progressive state senators think so and we have the chance to weigh in.

SJR 10, introduced into this legislative session by Senator Ortiz y Pino, is a Constitutional amendment that would allow for the legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana in New Mexico.

If passed by both the House and Senate, SJR 10 would appear on the ballot in next November’s election where voters would then decide whether or not they want legal, taxed, and regulated marijuana in New Mexico.

New Mexico would see between $19 million and $20.82 million in annual tax revenues from the legal sale of marijuana and the state would save over $33 million on police, courts, and corrections costs from no longer enforcing marijuana prohibition.

A majority of New Mexicans favor the full legalization of marijuana.  Last week President Obama said even he believes that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol and US Attorney General Eric Holder – the nation’s top cop – said he won’t stop banks from providing banking access to legal marijuana businesses in states.

That’s why we created a petition to The New Mexico State Senate.

But do we really want to legalize marijuana?  It will doubtless have detrimental effects on our families and lead to even greater substance abuse problems in New Mexico.  Out of compassion for our citizens we should oppose such a move.

Oh, and speaking of alcohol and DWIs, what does Patrick Davis of Progress Now NM think of the Democrat proposed House bill 10 which would be harder on DWI offenders?

SANTA FE, NM – The requirements to get a driver’s license reinstated for DWI offenders would become more difficult to meet under House Bill 10 sponsored by Rep. Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (D-24 Bernalillo).  HB 10 requires an additional fee of $75 dollars (currently $25), completion of the license revocation period, and tighter ignition interlock removal requirements.  Under the current law, a DWI offender is required to use an ignition interlock on their car for a minimum of one year regardless of the blood alcohol readings registered on the interlock.  HB 10 would require clean readings during the last six months prior to the reinstatement of the offender’s driver’s license.  The offender must take at least one ignition interlock test during each of twenty four weeks during the last six months and show evidence that the device has recorded no more than two tests at a level greater than .05 alcohol concentration.

“If you continue to drink, you won’t automatically get your ignition interlock device taken off,” says “Rep. Thomson.  “You have to prove that you are controlling your drinking.”
The ignition interlock requirement is just one of several provisions in HB 10 that targets habitual offenders.  HB10 also increases the penalty for repeat drunk drivers to be treated in the same manner as any other felony when sentencing; it also requires home breathalyzer devices and allows electronic monitoring devices for an offender under house arrest; and it provides assistance for home breathalyzer devices from the Interlock Device Fund.  Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard (D-43Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Santa Fe) and Rep. Tim Lewis (R-60 Sandoval) are also co-sponsors.

Read HB – 10 here

Read full article here

Anyone wanna bet Davis opposes this legislation?!

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3 thoughts on “Pat Davis wants to legalize marijuana “like alcohol”

  1. We have an easy way of testing alcohol level and a well defined legal limit, neither of which you have with many other substances including marijuana.


  2. Not true colorado already has a system like the breathalyzer which checks Thc percentage so settiing a level similar to the alcohol .08 is possible you guys need to read a book.


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