Help Republican candidates collect signatures!

This Tuesday February 4th, candidates for state-wide office (including U.S. Senate) and congress will file their nominating petitions signed by voters across the state or in their congressional district.

On February 4th I will be removing all the petitions for these candidates off this blog.  If you have petitions with even ONE signature please try to link up with the campaign of that candidate so they can use your sheet when they file!

>>>  Use this link to find YOUR elected officials  <<<

 >>>>> PETITIONS HERE <<<<<

But our candidates still need your help.  Republican candidates for PRC as well as state Representatives and judges will not be filing their nominating petitions until March!  I will continue to post their nominating petitions on this blog.  Please print off petitions and help your local candidates gather signatures.  If we all do our part it makes our candidate’s jobs easier so they can move on to more important stuff (like fundraising!!).

Judge Miles Hanisee also needs your help gathering $5 contributions so he can get public election fund money.  You can print off his form here.  The best part about gathering these is that you can approach Republicans AND Democrats– registration does not matter!

*     *     *

Check back at the link above for more nominating petitions.  If you have a petition you would like posted, please email me here with the link.  Or private message me on Facebook here (Facebook is preferable).  Please include the candidate’s name and where the petition should be sent when completed.

At this time I will not be posting nominating petitions for Republicans running in contested primaries until I have EVERY candidate’s petition for the seat.  You can message me the petition on Facebook or if it’s a link email me here.

If there is a petition here you would like removed and you are the candidate or his/her authorized agent, send me a polite email here.

*     *     *

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