New Mexico U.S. Sen. Udall encouraged the IRS to go after conservative groups

Seven Democratic senators on Monday urged the IRS to crack down on groups that organize as nonprofits only to engage in politics — an effort targeted at conservative groups they believe are abusing the law.

Signing the letter were Sens. Chuck Schumer of New York, Michael Bennet of Colorado, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Tom Udall of New Mexico, Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire and Al Franken of Minnesota.

– Democratic senators demand IRS crackdown on political nonprofits 3/12/12

Today the Republican Party of New Mexico released the following:

Republican Party of New Mexico


May 15, 2013

Contact: Jamie Dickerman
Phone: 505-298-3662


ALBUQUERQUE – The Internal Revenue Service has been accused of targeting and harassing conservative groups, such as the Tea Party. Just yesterday, Republican Party of New Mexico Chairman John Billingsley called this “a blatant distortion of the scope of government and an alarming overreach of power.”

“The IRS’s infringement on the First Amendment rights of certain groups is abhorrent, but what is even more disturbing is the fact that our own Senator Tom Udall encouraged such infringement last March,” said Billingsley.

According to Politico, Senator Udall was one of seven U.S. Senators who encouraged the IRS to “crack down” on such groups. (See the story here:

“Once again, we see Senator Udall proving that he is far too extreme for New Mexicans,” continued Billingsley. “By aligning himself with this group of Senators, urging a federal government agency to participate in this type of overreaching behavior, he is showing that we need new leadership in Washington to represent New Mexico. Unfortunately, playing politics seems to be more important to Udall than representing all of the New Mexicans he was elected to represent.”

The left’s attacks on conservative political groups should never be tolerated.  We are only a free nation if we keep our first amendment rights.

2 thoughts on “New Mexico U.S. Sen. Udall encouraged the IRS to go after conservative groups

  1. Democrats will try to stop any investigation about IRS so Obama will not be embarrased. Scary that they want IRS is to monitor Obamacare


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