Commonplace form email method stumps blogger, transgender bathroom rule advocates

According to the New Mexico Political Report, an online liberal political blog, form emails with similar wording are uncommon and are really strange.  Maybe the New Mexico Political Report writer is unfamiliar with legislative calls to action or maybe he doesn’t choose to remember how political activism works during the legislative session, but regardless, his article below is quoted.

Dozens of emails sent to Albuquerque school board members opposing a proposed change in rights for transgender students appear to have come from the same source.

Last month, Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education member Peggy Muller-Aragon publicly stated her opposition to a school directive expanding rights for transgender students.

After arguing that some parents may not be comfortable with their children sharing bathrooms and locker rooms with transgender students, Muller-Aragon said she received hundreds of emails from constituents who didn’t want to see the directive go forward.

In fact, Muller-Aragon received close to 100 emails about the matter on her public school board account, according to records obtained by NM Political Report. Most of these appeared to copy language from an email from one source—a local Republican Party official.

New Mexico Political Report

The truth is that we conservatives do use form emails.  They’re as effective as when the liberals use them and there is no reason they shouldn’t be used– along with every other form of communication.  During the 2013 New Mexico legislative session I took part in an effort that blasted tens of thousands of form emails into the inboxes of our legislators in New Mexico, along with individual emails, phone calls and personal visits.

My state representative told me that she had received more emails, which were regarding guns and keeping gun shows open, in 2013 than in any year– and she has been a legislator for nearly two decades.  Of course she not only received form emails, but also many other emails.  

Why the liberals think form emails are so terrible is beyond me– oh, that’s right, it’s because the public stood up and used them against a transgender bathroom rule that the liberals want implemented!


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