NM Democrats praise candidate accused of “lurking” and “scaring kids”

Albuquerque– Monday New Mexico Democratic Party Chair Debra Haaland released the DPNM weekly update which lauded Pat Davis Executive Director for ProgressNow NM, “I’d like to congratulate Albuquerque City Council [candidate] Pat Davis…for qualifying for public financing in the Albuquerque City Council [race]. It’s great to see progressive candidates have the opportunity to focus solely on issues and voter outreach instead of trying to keep up with the GOP fundraising machine.”

DPNM Chair Haaland has been touted as a “first” and an important figure as the first Native American for the Democrats to nominate for statewide office.  Republicans nominated incumbent Rep. Sharon Clahchischilliage for Sec. of State over a decade ago, but the liberal blogosphere has ignored the fact that Democrats did not see fit to push Native Americans into the limelight until nearly a decade-and-a-half into the 21st century.

This brings us to now-former state Rep. Sandra Jeff, who is a member of the Navajo Nation and a friend of Clahchischilliage.  Jeff was frequently seen with the San Juan County representative In Santa Fe, during the 2015 legislative session.

Rep. Sandra Jeff faced legal challenges from leaders of her own party after signatures on her nominating petitions were thrown out leaving her with less than enough signatures to be placed on the 2014 New Mexico Democratic primary ballot.

At about that time ProgressNow NM Executive Director Pat Davis was seen “camped out” in front of the home of Rep. Jeff’s kids.   

Davis alleged that he was trying to figure out where Jeff was really living, but Jeff became afraid for her children.  Jeff reportedly informed the media that “Davis’ tactics are dirty and are scaring her kids.”  Jeff went on the record in a phone interview, “told my children’s father to file a restraining order,” Jeff told KRQE. “It’s ugly and we’re really just concerned about the safety of our children.”

The children’s father took pictures of Davis in his BMW outside the home and sent them to Jeff, according to KRQE, “They’ve been taking pictures and they’ve been lurking outside the house,” Jeff told KRQE. “My kids have no role in this political ball game.”

Monday, Republican Party of New Mexico Communications Director Pat Garrett weighed in via Twitter with a concern many of us share– “Seriously you guys are going to support Pat Davis? What is going on over there…” And, “[New Mexico Democratic Party] latest rising star Pat Davis. Sad thing is they already know about this [story of Davis lurking outside home of representative’s kids] and still support him!”

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