Planned Parenthood hiring in a neighborhood near you…

Last week I wrote a blogpost about late-term abortion advocates muscling in on the New Mexico legislative process, seeking to influence common-sense pro-life legislation including New Mexico HB390, HB391 and SB437.  For groups including the Texas group I found trolling the #nmleg hashtag, its not about access to abortion in general, but about access to the most lucrative late-term abortion industry that serves as a magnet for states like Texas that have late-term abortion bans which are supported by three quarters of the U.S. population (even those favoring early-on abortion, object to late-term abortion).

Enter Planned Parenthood advertisement on Craigslist

POSITION: Campus Organizer – Farmington, Santa Fe/Las Vegas, Albuquerque

SUMMARY: Under the primary supervision of the Field Organizing Manager, the Campus Organizer serves as a liaison between students on campuses and the staff of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico. They will work with campus communities as an integral part of achieving Planned Parenthood’s long term goals. The Campus Organizer will conduct community education in order to expand the understanding and access to PPRM’s services. Additionally, they will work under the guidance of the PPRM Public Affairs staff in Albuquerque; the majority of the Campus Organizer’s work will be done independently in their particular region of New Mexico. This position is salaried, exempt status.

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Most pro-life organizations I’ve been familiar with (I’ve occasionally worked with folks involved in the pro-life communities during the past few years), don’t make much money at what they do,  The activists drawn to pro-life organizations are passionate about their cause, often passionate about their [Catholic] faith and have an amazing love for human life.

I s’pose that the ad recently posted by Planned Parenthood on Craigslist in search for community operatives may be quite similar to those placed by many non-profits.  The organization is presumably seeking youth to work with college students and the local Planned Parenthood organization as a liaison…

Sounds sorta innocent…social justice…blah, blah, blah…

Until one gets to the bottom:


Participates in abortion services (participation can include referrals, information, education, counseling, performing, scheduling, etc.)

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Participate in abortions?  Participate in abortion counseling?  Planned Parenthood is seeking people off the street to facilitate abortions and offer counseling that will lead to Planned Parenthood profit?  Think about it– would you want someone off the street with no experience counseling you?  What about facilitating a medical procedure?

Please keep this in mind as advocates work to pass pro-life legislation in Santa Fe.  And remember, Friday HB390 & HB391 have a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee in the afternoon while SB437 has a hearing in the Senate.

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One thought on “Planned Parenthood hiring in a neighborhood near you…

  1. I would respectfully point out that although this site calls itself “pro-life”, that you are actually “pro-birth”, with no concern, that I can see, with the quality of life for unwanted children already born. With a third of a million already born children awaiting adoption, why are you not launching a massive campaign to adopt the unwanted children already here? If each of you would immediately adopt ONE (as we have) then i would consider you less hypocritical. You seem stuck in your ideology.


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