Pat Davis supports liberal youth vote, opposes conservative youth activism

In one of his typical attack-pieces posted this week, Pat Davis executive director of the far-Left professional “bullying” organization, ProgressNow NM made much ado about Governor Martinez’ opposition to the city marijuana initiatives he has been pushing in a couple municipalities.

With opposition for his little project rising, Davis is circulating a comment about Governor Martinez believing the initiative to be a “political move to get young voters to the polls”.  Regardless of what Davis is trying to say or what Martinez actually said, why is Davis making such a big deal about his supposed outrage at young people not getting out to vote?!

The truth is, that the marijuana initiative is just a voter-turnout scheme of Davis’.  Decriminalizing marijuana in municipalities is illegal:

  • A municipality may, by ordinance, prohibit distribution or possession of [marijuana – NMSA 30-31-7(A)(1)(e)] but penalty provisions shall be the same as those provided for a similar crime in the Controlled Substances ActAny code so adopted shall provide for minimum requirements at least equal to the state requirements on the same subject.  [NMSA 30-31-26(B)]
  • To convert the offense of possession of marijuana into a civil penalty is in conflict with the state law. A municipality may adopt ordinances that are not inconsistent (“consistent”) with New Mexico laws. “Any other code not in conflict with the laws of New Mexico” [NMSA 3-17-1(C)] and “any code so adopted shall provide for minimum requirements at least equal to the state requirements on the subject.” [NMSA 3-17-6(A)(9)]
  • Marijuana possession first offense is a petty misdemeanor while additional offenses are misdemeanors [NMSA 30-31-23(B)]. In New Mexico possession of marijuana is designated as a crime.
  • A municipality may, by ordinance prohibit possession of marijuana, but the “penalty provisions shall be the same as those provided for a similar crime in the Controlled Substances Act.” [NMSA 30-31-26]

But what of all this faux outrage on Pat Davis’ part?  After all, it was just over a week ago that Pat Davis attacked young conservative home school kids who had been volunteering to work on a southern New Mexico state representative campaign!  While Davis claims to be defending young voters, he’s been discouraging young activists who are conservative and bullying them.  Speaking of young conservatives who pose a threat to his agenda, Davis and his organization wrote a couple of very nasty pieces targeting me– Davis just isn’t a fan of young conservatives.

While Davis picks on young conservatives such as the volunteers on Neal Hooks state Representative campaign who will be less likely to get DWIs (ask Davis about his!) and will be productive members of society, he elevates the youth who will be lounging around doped up and unemployed.  What’s wrong with this picture?!

Could it be that Davis doesn’t care about just any young people voting, but that he wants the easily brainwashed, easily incentivized, easily manipulated liberal doped-up, pot-head, voters to be going to the polls?!  After all, that’s the kind of voter that will be supporting for the marijuana initiative.

It’s too bad Davis can’t push his energy toward an honest, legal, useful cause such as helping families, training young people to be part of the political process…Oh, that’s right…those are the kinds of kids he hates!… The younger voters who reject marijuana are often conservative and offer him competition!

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