Resignation: Winston Brooks says Goodbye to APS

Today KOAT-TV reported that Winston Brooks has resigned from his position as Albuquerque Public School Superintendent:

From KOAT:

Albuquerque Public Schools Superintendent Winston Brooks has resigned.

The school board accepted his resignation Friday during a closed-door board meeting. Brooks has been the superintendent since 2008.

No clear reason was given for Brooks’ resignation.

Brooks’ contract with the district was renewed in Jan 2013. He is signed through June 2016 at a salary of $250,000 a year.

Brooks will receive a lump sum of $350,000, according to a draft of his resignation agreement.

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And from AP:

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico — The embattled superintendent of New Mexico’s largest school district said Friday he has resigned.

The move came after members of the Albuquerque Public Schools Board said they met earlier this week to discuss an investigation of a personnel issue involving Superintendent Winston Brooks. They declined to elaborate on the issue.

In a joint statement Friday, Brooks and the board said both sides agreed the resignation was the best option for both parties.

“The decision to end the employment relationship will allow both the board and Brooks to establish a new direction,” the statement said. “Both agree that this decision is the best option for APS at this time.

Last November Mr. Brooks made the news when he coordinated with APS’ social media “guru” Maralyn Beck who had been hired to train the school administration and handle social media.  Together the duo turned to ridicule New Mexico’s Education Secretary Designate Hannah Scandera.

In a series of tasteless tweets Winston Brooks and Maralyn Beck talked about Sec. Skandera referring to her as livestock.

Brooks and Beck deleted their tweets, but I did a search a couple days later and retrieved them–

Reading from bottom to top the tweets will be in the correct sequence:





A History of Behaving Unprofessionally

If Brooks was on Twitter in his professional capacity, why wasn’t he *behaving* professionally?  Why was he behaving as if he were twenty-something college-kid and tweeting as if he was in a chat room with a couple young women?  Brooks has had a habit of responding carelessly to tweets:


Now keep in mind that Beck’s job is to run APS school district social media, a job that makes over $50,000 a year.

[Read more from my post last November here]

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2 thoughts on “Resignation: Winston Brooks says Goodbye to APS

  1. Nice story manipulation. I’m not a Brooks fan, but you left out the key tweets in the Skandera affair. She had tweeted to him first that they were heading to the “live truck” meaning a mobile tv truck and he was trying to be funny and play on that. Big difference than him just dreaming up “livestock truck” out of thin air.


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