Is this a joke? Dem Chair Sam Bregman on Gary King for Governor

First Shreddin’ Sam Bregman (Chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico) called Attorney General Gary King the and Democrat gubernatorial candidate the “worst attorney general ever”, then he said that wasn’t the “most eloquent” thing he could have said (as if he needed to elaborate?), now Shreddin’ Sam is saying, “Gary King will be a great governor.”

Do you find this hard to believe?  So do others following New Mexico politics– even the hard-Left troll Angry Teacher who is notorious for her crazed rants.

After Angry Teacher’s comment even the original poster seemed to almost have doubts as to Shreddin’ Sam’s sincerity…she doubles down saying “he’d better be telling the truth”.  Or else?

Well…the conservatives sure have a comment on this one!

What will these Democrats have to say next?!

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