The More Eloquent Description of the “Worst Attorney General Ever”

As you know Sam Bregman (presently Chairman of the Democrat Party of New Mexico) has not renounced or denied his assessment of King as “the worst Attorney General ever”, even after King won the Democrat primary.

Instead Bregman dug in deeper and explained that he “should have been more eloquent”.  Let’s give Shreddin’ Sam some help!!

Announcing the “more eloquent complete putdown contest”!  How can Shreddin’ Sam be aided in best describing Aspiring Governor Gary King:

1. The worst in terms of understanding his job?
2. The worst in protecting the citizens of New Mexico?
3. The worst in terms of doing his job as Attorney General?
4. The worst in effectively addressing the Democrat corruption that was rampant under Richardson?
5. The worst in terms of successfully prosecuting former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron?
6. The worst in understanding the 6th Amendment concept of a “speedy trial”?
7. The absolute worst in terms of attention to his job and supervising his own office?
8. The worst, even considering Patricia Madrid and previous Attorney Generals who have been indicted?
9. The worst possible Democrat to run against Susana Martinez?
10. The worst Governor candidate, ever?

Your comments and criticism are welcomed and encouraged. Please keep it "G-rated."

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