Message from Liberals: No choice unless it is their “choice”

There are a lot of liberals out there who have a great deal of trouble making sense– what’s more, they break the rules they want everyone else to follow.  You doubt it?  Take the troll, “PoliticsNM” who is always griping and attacking one conservative or another.

Last night it was going after one of the Democrat’s favorite targets the New Mexico Business Coalition (NMBC):

PoliticsNM Twitter account: “[NMBC] accused opponents of disliking children”

When I had gotten the best of the troll account in one tweet, it unleashed a tirade of hate:

S/he also made a sexist remark, “Man”.  But if conservatives or Republicans say such a thing…watch out…you’ll never hear the end of it!!!

Not interested in discussing it any more?  I wonder why…

What can we learn from this Leftist?!

Double standards?  How dare we say such a thing?!!

*     *     *

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One thought on “Message from Liberals: No choice unless it is their “choice”

  1. Perhaps include ALL of the tweets in the exchange that show the opposite of what you’re saying? Oh wait, that would take honesty on your part, Rebekah. Say hi to Ron Adair as he does partisan work on the clock.


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