Demonstrating “Tolerance”: NM Democrats attacked for thinking independently

As recently reported on this blog, “Shreddin’ Sam” Bregman has really gone to task attacking any Democrat who doesn’t go along with Bregman’s plan.  Bregman warned veteran state Senator John Arthur Smith to “shape up” or leave the party.  This is coming from the chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico– a person who should be a respected leader, but how is he using his influence?  He is bullying and “threatening” members of his party, demanding they bow to his demands.

Senate majority leader Michael Sanchez is fed up.  This week he stood up to Sam Bregman:

SANTA FE – The intra-party fight among New Mexico Democrats took another turn Thursday, with one powerful Senate leader defending one of his colleagues and chastising the chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico on the floor of the Senate.

“Last week we had a member of the Democratic Party call out one of our senators,” Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez, D-Belen, said in front of the full Senate.

BACK AND FORTH: Sen. Michael Sanchez, D-Belen, (left)  criticized chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Sam Bregman (right) for upbraiding a fellow Senate Democrat.

BACK AND FORTH: Sen. Michael Sanchez, D-Belen, (left) criticized chairman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Sam Bregman (right) for upbraiding a fellow Senate Democrat.

Sanchez was referring to party chairman Sam Bregman, who last week singled out state Sen. John Arthur Smith, D-Deming, a fiscal conservative.

Bregman blasted Smith for not having a hearing in the Senate Finance Committee in last year’s session on a bill that would dip into the state’s $12 billion Land Grant Permanent Fund to pay for early childhood education programs. It’s a proposal Bregman and many liberal Democrats support but Smith and Republican Gov, Susana Martinez oppose.

“At some time (Smith) would have to consider whether or not he wants to just join the governor in doing nothing and whether or not he wants to be a Republican,” Bregman said at a news conference.

Sanchez didn’t mention Bregman by name on Thursday but criticized the party chairman for “insinuating that (Smith) wasn’t a true Democrat, insinuating that he should change parties, insinuating and threatening a primary challenge for him.

“The Democratic Party is always a big tent, whether you’re ultra liberal, ultra conservative, whatever you are.
“For some member of our party to try to embarrass one of our Democratic members is not right … No party should tell us what or how we should vote on this floor … I’m embarrassed that it happened and I want to apologize for those remarks to the senator it was made to … He’s my friend and a strong Democrat … There’s no place for that on this floor.”

Here’s video of Bregman’s comments last week, from KRQE-TV:

Read full article from Capitol Report

Sen. Sanchez also mentioned a blogger, a thinly veiled reference to the leftist Joe “Ho Jo” Monahan:

For the blogger who is going to blast me, I’m sorry. If you don’t like it, come down here and join us. If you want to run for office to see what it’s really like being an elected official run for office and then you might be able to understand what we go through on this floor. We are family on this floor. And I will defend anybody on this side of the aisle for doing what they believe is right and in the best interest of their constituents and the state of New Mexico.

This not only illustrates the New Mexico Democrat disunity, but it also highlights that some Democrats are not ignoring the connection between Joe “Ho Jo” Monahan and Democratic Chairman “Shreddin’ Sam” Bregman.  For anyone watching it’s usually quite clear that Bregman and Monahan are working together closely– now Democrats are becoming more vocal about the Bregman-Monahan connection…

How can anyone be proud of their state party and proud to be a Democrat?

Democrats refusal to accept different viewpoints is completely different than how they try to portray themselves (true colors are coming out!).  While the Left claims to accept anybody, no matter what background they come from and how their view may be different, Bregman is clearly doing the opposite.

With bullies for leaders, why would anyone want to belong to the Democrat Party?

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