Focus on Rio Rancho: Talking Fiscal Responsibility

As conservatives it is our responsibility to be fiscally conservative.  Fiscal responsibility does not include digging our community and state into debt and spending money on things we don’t need to spend it on!

Earlier this year, Rio Rancho residents voted down the idea of moving some of their gross receipts tax to improve their community.  Instead they chose to continue to pour that money into the University of New Mexico.  That sounds like a cozy idea, but when Rio Rancho could use the money to improve their community in areas where it is needed, it appears like a poor choice.

Now the Rio Rancho city council wants to raise taxes, to improve the roads and pay for utility maintenance.  In the meantime Sen. Craig Brandt, Rep. Jason Harper, Rep. Tim Lewis, and Rep. Paul Pacheco are discussing how to fund projects using capital outlay funding. Three of Rio Rancho’s state delegation (minus Rep. Paul Pacheco) told citizens of Rio Rancho that Gross Receipts Taxes should go to the University of New Mexico.  Do these representatives have have an obligation to replace those dollars with their capital outlay money, as one Rio Rancho resident is asking?  He suggests that Rio Rancho look at these suggestions:

We need more revenue to cover the infrastructure currently in place. I say we need five things:

1) Annex west of the city,

2) Restructure the agreements with the hospitals,

3) Get out of the regional transportation tax,

4) Take another hard look at the desalination plant previously proposed by Sandoval County, and

5) Measure and publish the recurring costs versus recurring revenue.

Five ideas to help pay for infrastructure

Rising Taxes affect all of us!

In the Rio Rancho area and want to make a difference?  Attend the Rio Rancho City Council meeting tomorrow evening at 6PM.  More info here.

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