Why Won’t Democrats Address Lucero Alleged Sexual Abuse of a Minor?

Trigger Warning: Rape and sexual abuse discussed throughout this article.

Democrats in New Mexico are ignoring their own “me too” scandal centered in Española where former mayor Richard Lucero– along with numerous other affiliated entities– are involved in ongoing sexual abuse and rape lawsuits The second lawsuit was filed in 2019. Sickeningly detailed accusations from the lawsuit still in the courts include many detailed accusations.

According to plaintiff “John Doe,” Richard Lucero, singled out a minor (beginning when the boy was 12-years-old), was an authority figure over the boy in the Boy Scouts, got him involved in a youth group and employed the young man at his own farm supply store while sexually abusing him. Lucero allegedly drugged the plaintiff and raped him multiple times over the course of years. These incidents occurred beginning as long ago as the mid-1980s.

The Rio Grande Sun shared more about Lucero’s gift-giving to Plaintiff:

Mr. Lucero began giving gifts to (the plaintiff), including a 1986 GMC Jimmy vehicle, an Enduro motorcycle, a radio-controlled model car, and other gifts,” Tiwald wrote in the suit.

Lucero admitted that he did give the plaintiff a vehicle, but said the gift was at the plaintiff’s father’s request. “One day, his father called me, and he said ‘He needs a vehicle to drive around in, do you have an extra one?’” Lucero said. “I found one of my trucks and I drove it to the house and put a title on the window and I said, ‘There’s your truck,’ and I walked home.”

Commentary: How many mayors or bosses do you know that give teens cars less than ten years old “just because?”

In a more intimate article from the Rio Grande Sun, additional facts are alleged about plaintiff John Doe’s relationship to Richard Lucero. Lucero and Plaintiff were close, mostly, according to the Sun, because Plaintiff’s family expected Lucero to be an upstanding community leader and they trusted him because of his position of leadership in the community. But, not only did Doe work for Lucero, his mother did also. Plaintiff claims he repeatedly declined Lucero’s sexual advances, but that Lucero threatened his mother’s job.

Lucero claimed Plaintiff’s mother had been a good worker and, of course, wouldn’t be fired without a legal reason, “That’s a lie, because I wouldn’t threaten anybody,” Lucero said. “First of all, you don’t fire somebody with such reasons, you have to have reasons to fire somebody.” If that seems like a sketchy answer to you, you’re not alone. We completely agree. Where has Lucero been? Does he not realize there are laws stopping people from being fired over refusal to comply with sexual favors because those incidents occur? Furthermore, what kind of judgement do we expect somebody as young as twelve to have when their mom’s job is threatened? Do we expect them to comply when their teacher or club leader asks them to do something?

Lucero even presided over the city at the time when the city created a, “youth council,” which Plaintiff was allegedly part of. Details in the lawsuit naming the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), a couple Catholic Churches in the community and Lucero’s feed store, Country Farm Supply, should be enough to make any parent’s blood boil, let alone Democrat champions who claim to advocate for abused women under the “me too” banner.

Where are legislators for the area including Sen. Leo Jaramillo, Rep. Ralph Montoya and Rep. Susan Herrera?

Where are other voices from the region such as carpetbagger John Block (a scamservative voice who supposedly cares about New Mexico)? What about Rio Arriba County Democrat Chairperson Joann Salazar? Does she not have children or grandchildren? Common decency demands Democrats address this and stop honoring Richard Lucero because it is the right thing to do.

More info: email me at: politicalfireball@politicalfireball

Contact the attorney representing Plaintiff in the alleged rape case here.

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