Teacher Shortage? Governor Groper Lujan Grisham Has Got This!

We’ve been living under a lockdown for nearly two years. Many kids can’t read. Many more have speech impediments engrained into their learning due to masks sticking to their mouths and causing poor speech habits. Teachers have quit because they’ve gotten sick of weekly Covid testing or online teaching…but finally New Mexico’s Governor, seeing election session just around the corner, has decided to pretend she cares about our kids.

Governor Lujan Grisham, who settled a lawsuit after a former staffer claims she groin groped him at a campaign event, is planning to personally step into the role of substitute teacher and teach in an elementary classroom. Personally.

Can she even pass a background check? Maybe she plans to make sure NMPED will conveniently “lose” her application, paperwork and fingerprints? It remains to be seen…

Also: If you’re teaching in many districts it’s a process that takes days and weeks. A couple years ago background check rules changed, requiring a longer waiting period (2 weeks+) before individuals in many environments could step into a classroom. But maybe those rules don’t apply for our alleged groin groping Governor Lujan Grisham.

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