ABQ Mayoral Race: Only GOP candidate got just 18% of the vote

Albuquerque mayoral Eddy Aragon got only 18% of the vote? That’s not some impressive performance, as some have tried to spin. He had the full support of Steve Pearce and the Republican Party of New Mexico and he managed only 18% of the vote in a three-way election against two Democrats.

What was the campaign strategy? All Eddy Aragon did was get in the race and defend the progressive mayor by attacking the Sheriff, essentially re-electing Mayor Tim Keller.

Republicans won Virginia Tuesday and did well in other states as well. The last time we won Virginia was 2009. That’s the same year R.J. Berry was elected mayor of Albuquerque- the first Republican mayor of New Mexico’s largest city in 25 years. This time the GOP candidate mustered 18% of the vote. That’s where we are as a state right now.

As to Eddy Aragon– he is going to have a big problem with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) moving forward. It’s no surprise the local election officials in the Tim Keller administration ignored his use of the family radio station airwaves to campaign constantly for months. They knew he was helping Tim Keller win re-election, but the FCC will undoubtedly come down on him and he could lose his license. He’s even announced, he will be promoting his second run from his radio program.

There’s a reason no other candidate anywhere in America has been able to run for office while simultaneously remaining on the air, let alone use their radio station as a campaign platform as most of us would use social media or a campaign website. But in Albuquerque, local progressive officials don’t care because they know he’s been helping them ensure Keller would get reelected.

Tuesday proves we can win if we have the right campaign message and have a united front. Notice: sane, center-right and conservative Republican candidates won their seats or forced a run-off. Eddy Aragon and Ali Ennenga’s messages didn’t work out so well. It’s simple– be common sense candidates.

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