Progressive Duo: Eddy Aragon Confirms He’s Working with Keller to Stop Manny Gonzales

Earlier this week we established that Eddy Aragon, candidate for Albuquerque Mayor isn’t a conservative. In the past he was a progressive activist who worked for progressive politicians and worked on their campaigns. It wasn’t until he saw the opportunity in the Republican Party to become influential, that he decided he decided to run for mayor as an independent in 2017.

“Keller agrees with me,” Eddy might as well be saying as he states, “the looks on our faces,” while co-host D. Dowd Muska immediately points out that Keller appears to be nodding when Eddy attacked conservative Manny Gonzales in a previous debate. The way the men talk, Eddy might as well put out a flyer and social media graphics calling himself Keller’s dedicated little hitman.

Eddy is sleazy and don’t mistake his not attacking Keller as chivalrous…as we share in the clip above, Keller is his friend and Eddy is helping his friend from St. Pius to beat the true conservative, or Constitutionalist, in the race, Manny Gonzales. On the contrary, in contrast to Eddy, talks about his wives, his affairs, his first wife who he states was a coyote/human trafficker— Eddy Aragon has no moral compass or moral high ground to stand on.

Hey, Eddy, why are you begging for money using your kids faces?

In this week’s edition of Eddy’s insanity, we find him pushing his kids to the front of an email begging for money. How many business people promote pictures of their kids and use the picture to ask for money? Will the money raised pay for this month’s golf and country club fee while his kids live in a 400 square foot commercial box with no toilet, shower or kitchen?

Eddy has never been honest. He hasn’t said he ran as an independent for mayor in 2017. The thousands of dollars of seed money has never been accounted for! Where did the money go? On Eddy’s radio podcast yesterday, he was trying to prove everyone was against him as he begged for money. He accused real media of being “fake news.” But during the program (yesterday!) he had campaign employees call his radio station to trump up support and create a fake narrative that everyone is after him. Eddy, it’s fake. As time goes on you’re fooling less and less people!

Why doesn’t Eddy attack Keller? It may have been a Freudian slip, but he already explained. The “we” he’s referring to is himself along with his trusted campaign teammate Mayor Tim Keller. They’re in this together trying to destroy the one chance we have at returning safety, sanity and sensible leadership to Albuquerque,

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