Constitutionalist vs. Cult: A Common Sense Comparison for Conservatives

Eddy Aragon, the so-called “Republican” candidate for mayor, has only been Republican for a few years. As far as we’re concerned, he’s as Republican as Hillary Clinton, who ran a Republican college club in college. The difference is, Eddy never transitioned to conservative. He just “popped up” one day on the conservative scene after a stint as an independent voter. Before that he had worked for many Democrats and even run a Democrat congressional campaign.

So, when Eddy ran for mayor in 2017, he had decided he was not Democrat and registered Republican. Nobody took him very seriously and his campaign was a flop. Fast forward to 2020 he decided to run for congress and did so with daddy’s money. That didn’t end well. So he decided to run for the Republican Party of New Mexico chairman. He lost that, as well. Now he wants to be mayor of Albuquerque and nothing he has done has given him any qualifications to be a Republican mayor, or should cause conservatives to have any trust in him (unless it is a confidence in his ability to change parties about as quickly as a chameleon changes colors).

Eddy’s five Cs are commerce, Covid, city, crime & corruption. But do any of these tell us about his views?

Eddy is basing his campaign for mayor on communistic imagery and a catchy five-point “five Cs.” But are these anything important? It is very interesting none of them include the U.S. or New Mexico Constitution.

Meanwhile, Manny Gonzales’ positions really haven’t changed at all since he’s entered politics (he also doesn’t have a polic-sci degree, which means he doesn’t have the political education Eddy does).

Constitutionalist: Manny Gonzales Cult: Eddy Aragon
Supports the Constitution Doesn’t have to commit because, “You know!”
Relies on experience Relies on dynamic personality
Has tools to fight the governor Has no real power, brags about abilities
Has worked his way up from poverty Lives off daddy & mommy
Has proven leadership & education Earned a poli-sci degree, used it to elect progressives
Has always been conservative Can’t say when he left progressivism

Has anybody noticed Eddy Aragon doesn’t include the Constitution in any of his five Cs? That’s because it’s not one of us. He’s not a conservative. Yes, he’s a rough and tumble, slick talker, but that’s it. His lips are moving, he’s lying. He can’t be trusted. He was a hardcore progressive who worked for Democrats including Senator Bingaman and Senator Udall.

Eddy’s whole campaign message plan is progressive. There is no substance. It is all spin. Any Republican who has been involved in New Mexico politics more than half a dozen years knows how badly New Mexico courts are and how they’re controlled by Democrats and progressives. So is it any surprise the conservative Constitutionalist Manny Gonzales lost his cases each step of the way regarding campaign finance, and judges ruled in favor of Eddy Aragon in a challenge that questioned the legitimacy of his residency and voter registration?

What’s more, Eddy even hired self-declared progressives to work on his campaign. Husband & wife team Nick Wilbur & Nikki Palomino Wilbur are progressives who headed to New Mexico. Nikki Palomino Wilbur did “public relations/media” while her husband wrote blogpost after blogpost promoting Eddy Aragon for mayor (sweet deal? Seems so!).


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