“I’m Brown”: Antifa and Allies Mob Non-White Protester at Civic Plaza

Sunday, April 12:

ALBUQUERQUE: Supposedly the Proud Boys– the controversial far right often-militant organization– was supposed to have a “white pride” rally on Civic Plaza Sunday, but they didn’t show up. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been talking about the event for weeks (though the Antifa-linked organizations never provided evidence that a white pride rally was anything more than a rumor).

Can you hate brown people under the name of hating white supremacy? A little before 11 a.m., a man wearing camouflage military fatigues and carrying a rifle showed up across from Civic Plaza, by the convention center. He may have been accompanied by a woman and two small children (we’re not sure), but he stood alone carrying a cardboard sign with “#SaveTheChildren” written on one side and “All Guns Matter” written on the other side. While we’re not sure why he showed up or what his reasoning was, his mere presence annoyed Fight for our Lives agitators.

The man declared that he wasn’t white, and pointed to his arm “I’m brown,” said he was not a member of the proud boys and that he wasn’t there to protest for or against race, but “for the children.” Angry Antifa activists shouted at him to disarm himself and join them. He said “no.” They continued to throw taunts while he responded, “I love you all.” The Antifa activists continue to yell at him, some (brown beret in particular), walked away not wanting to bug him. But Fight for our Lives (Antifa) continued to harass him, crossing the street to hold their signs behind and around him. Ten minutes later, the Antifa activists decided to completely swarm the man. After about five to ten minutes of swarming and harassment, Albuquerque Police Department sent in a crowd of about ten riot squad officers who surrounded the lone protester and took him into the nearby convention center (we’re not sure what happened to him after that).

Even as the non-Antifa member was taken out, Antifa shouted at the man, “I see no difference between you and the proud boys.” Seriously? Because someone is armed and won’t join progressive activists they’re the same as a proud boy fighting people and holding white pride signs? This makes zero sense.

Either way, Antifa (Fight for our Lives), New Mexico’s Black Lives Matter, Wall of Vets, National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers, Brown Berets and a few other random groups, attended the protest, and many had been advertising the event.

Originally, Fight for our Lives had said the Proud Boys were supposed to arrive at 10 a.m. But they didn’t.

Then, Fight for our Live’s President Zoe announced the Proud Boys were going to arrive at 11 a.m. But they didn’t.

The Proud Boys never did show up. Maybe this whole thing was made up by Zoe, Jonathan and other Antifa Activists to get attention? We’re not sure. Either way, Antifa showed they really don’t care about race at all, but about ideology. They were willing to threaten, harass and bully a man holding a harmless sign because (they thought!) he didn’t agree with them and he was having a protest of his own.

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