Sen. “Me-Me” Stewart Promotes “Sensitivity” Training for Legislators? It’s What’s Next

This past legislative session may have been one of the strangest in history, with legislators allowed to join the session from their offices, their homes and at times any place but the capitol. However, it was also a strange legislative session as centrists and conservatives watched progressives push through bills like removing qualified immunity (under the name of civil rights) for law enforcement and nearly every bill on the spectrum when it came to progressive environmentalist boards and special interests.

But it gets better. Generally considered a moderate (though he sometimes espouses progressive ideas and we’d hardly call him a moderate), Senator Ivey-Soto is under fire by his own party for impassioned arguments that one of his rivals– Senator Mimi Stewart (or perhaps it should be Senator Me-Me) claims were “abusive” and “demeaning.” What is her test for confirming actions fit her categories? We’re not sure, but she now says legislators will be forced to sit through “sensitivity” training so that her poor feelings won’t be hurt in future legislative sessions. Hey, Senator Me-Me, maybe you should go to some resilience training (which is something commonly taken by many professionals working in tough education and social work environments), instead of forcing everyone to sit through some B.S. “how to be a wimp” training? Seems like a waste of taxpayer dollars to me.

According to the Los Alamos Daily Post, Stewart said she’ll be working with Sen. Linda Lopez, also an Albuquerque Democrat, and freshman senators “to provide some training for everybody so they can understand their actions.” We presume Stewart plans to work with her new progressive allies on this political correctness training because you don’t bring Antifa-Linda Lopez in to work on something if you’re seriously trying to educate anyone or work with a bipartisan group. You can read more about Lopez’ radical ties to Antifa, and her past efforts to protect school shooters here.

Do you think legislators need more training on being sensitive? Or do you think they should be spending more time in their districts, listening to their constituents and less time whining about hurt feelings? Or maybe Sen. Me-Me needs to take a resilience course? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Other recaps on the legislative session:

Legislators fought to take away much of the legal rights of law enforcement. They also fought to create special interest counsels to determine how to create jobs lost as our oil and gas industry faces repeated assaults. These same counsels played a title role in just about every bill sponsored by some progressives (we’re guessing they’re very fond of the cut & paste feature) and this was a signature feature on many progressive bills. It’s also almost impossible to forget how the Civil Rights Bill/qualified immunity rollback co-sponsored by Speaker Brian Egolf will likely benefit him personally through his law practices because he handles a high number– if not mostly– civil rights cases. Nothing like sponsoring and passing legislation to help line your own pocketbook, right Bryan?

2 thoughts on “Sen. “Me-Me” Stewart Promotes “Sensitivity” Training for Legislators? It’s What’s Next

  1. There were were other pieces of garbage besides the ones you mentioned. HB-140 appears to be a bill to reduce various mandatory wildlife infraction sentencing…until you get to page 8. It then reduces penalties on child sex-trafficking and molestation! I wonder if the bill sponsors even read it!


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